Beautiful, Beautiful…

Wow!  So I had hoped to record some of these past few days way before now…but this will have to do.

This past week included my final days as a Cheesecake Factory waitress before I head to Europe.  I worked hard to save almost all the money that I earned from my job so that I could build up a substantial travel fund.  Now as I stand at the end of my 7 or so months of work…I feel quite proud of myself because this is definitely the most I have ever earned, budgeted, and saved all on my own.  Anyway, it was really quite an eventful and impacting last week of work…from my first real experience with guest/waitress confrontation, to God speaking and encouraging me through a group of wonderful people.  Since I worked a double on my last day (Saturday) I was pretty excited to leave that night, but overall the act of leaving is quite bitter-sweet because I truly enjoyed my experience and the people I met through my waitress-ing

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Now, I briefly mentioned a group of people above, but I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on that story because it was really quite special.  It was Thursday night and I thought my section was closed because it was getting so close to 11.  Right about then a six top was placed in my section and to say the least I was not exactly thrilled to have more people to wait on.  I was tired, and a bit flustered still from my bad-tip experience earlier.  I wanted to do my side-work and go home.  When I got over to the table they all wanted coffees and lots of cream…and bananas…of all things.  I tried to be pleasant but inside I was feeling less than hospitable.  After I got them their drinks and some bread and what not, they seemed a bit more relaxed too.  By this point I had figured…hey I’m here still, might as well make the most of it.  So from there on things went smoothly and relatively ordinary.  Their order was taken, coffees refilled, food was served, coffees refilled, cheesecakes ordered and enjoyed…and then the man who was covering the tab stopped me and said in all their rush to relax after their busy day and hurry to order before we closed…he had not had a chance ask me about my situation…was I in school?  So I explained to them how I had graduated last May from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science in Design…emphasis in architecture.  Of course, then more questions arose and we continued in conversation as I explained about how I came to work at the Cheesecake Factory in Tulsa, my past year, and my upcoming trip.  Then he kind of caught me off guard as he asked how i was on my spiritual journey, because he was a spiritual councilor and had been wondering.  This was interesting, because up until this point I had really made no direct reference to my religion…so I’d like to think he could just tell I knew Jesus 🙂  After that question we had a wonderful discussion about God and buildings, beauty in structure, the master architect, and the catch 22 between building magnificent and impacting cathedrals like they have in Europe (which cost numerous pretty pennies) and building quick-cheaper metal structures and giving money to charity.  The conversation was refreshing and fun…and even managed to shift over to talking about music and worshiping through song…which brought me to being further engaged in conversation with two of the other people at the table, Rob and Vangi, who lead the worship at their church in North Carolina.  It was truly a blessed table!!  And to make it even more incredible, the kind man donated money to my trip on top of tipping me beyond 20 percent!!  I was floored.  I really felt like this was God saying yes I should be taking this trip and he is going to use it in a big way to teach me about himself, my life, and how the two fit together in this big, crazy, wonderful world we live in.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful, Beautiful…

  1. WOW… PRAISE the LORD!! This is super cool Rachel. I love you so very much!! Can’t wait to see you later this week and send you off on your adventure. Please hold your arm out every so often to say this is for you Morgen and we can photo shop me in lol Love ya and I pray God continues to keep divine protection over you and many blessings your way!!

    ~from your little sis

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