Good Friends with a Side of Excellent Conversation…

How refreshing it is to have open, intimate conversations with people.  Last night I experienced just that by means of a much-over-due phone-date with my dear “life friend” Sarah.  After playing phone tag for a couple weeks, which is our usual fashion, I finally caught her at a time that worked for both of us. SCORE!!  I do believe we talked for about an hour, covering everything from my trip, to her teaching experiences and how God was lighting new paths and illuminating new understanding for both of us.  Towards the end of our conversation I was explaining to Sarah, I feel like true, deep, hold-back-nothing friendships like the one we share are few and far between.  And I mentioned how if I were needing to (hypothetically at this point of course) pick people to be with me for a special event (such as a wedding or something), she would most definitely be one of the select few who I would know in a heart-beat had to be present…while deciding on the others to invite might take a little more thought.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but the gist of the matter is this…real friendships are huge blessings and that is how I feel about Sarah.  In response to me trying to explain this to her…she summed up our relationship nicely by saying “Yeah, I think we are always so in sync with one another because we are basically the same person.”  This made me smile, because I really do agree.  Sarah and I just seem to go about life and greet challenges and stress out in the same way.  And while we don’t experience the exact same things, or live the same life, we do encourage and feel in the same ways and are able to support and understand one another magnificently.  It is such a God send to have a beautiful women like Sarah in my life, to share my ups and downs with…and whether we are states apart…or oceans apart…we are always close at heart and it gives me comfort.  And tonight I just wanted to recognize amazing friends…like Sarah…and I hope anyone who reads this can think of someone they feel that way about, and can also believe that someone probably feels such love for them too.


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