All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…I hope…cause ready or not I’m on my way :)

So I am on my second leg of my three part flight schedule. Next stop…New York and then nine hours to Rome. I am a bit nervous about the whole language thing…but hopefully it will be fine.  I can’t believe I’m actually on my way.  And I’m just praying that all my luggage fits together like it did when I left the house. Speaking of leaving the house…it wasn’t too crazy getting the final things packed, and we made it to the airport with plenty of time, except they told me my flight had been delayed…only for them to announce like five minute before the original departure time that the plane would be leaving on time!  So yes I had the thrill of starting my whirlwind trip to Europe by running to catch my flight:) Luckily the gate wasn’t far and I made it fine.  On that flight I was blessed enough to sit by a young couple on there way to a religious leaders conference. They encouraged and shared in my excitement for my trip and said they would pray for me!  Yay! More prayers…I feel so greatful to have this opportunity and have so many people thinking of me while I’m away. And along the same lines…I had a surprise phone call before I boarded my second plane from my dear friend and favorite coach Amy Luna (King).  We didn’t get to chat long, but it was nice to catch up a bit.  I just wish I had been able to connect with all the people I had planned to before I left.  So…sorry if I didn’t get you called or emailed before I departed for foreign lands.  Still I will have this blog and email when I get to wifi locations…so I’m not completely out of touch. Well that’s all I’ve got for now I guess.
I had hoped to have logged a few more days before I left but things just got too hectic.  As I had figured, but still seemed unable to avoid, and as mother had warned…i do believe I left a little much for last minute, but hey I’m in the air now…so it’s not really all that bad.


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