When in Rome…Get Lost :)

So, here I sit in the hostel restaurant typing away on my travel mate, Tyler’s, computer. The trip, thus far, has been pretty crazy in a good and…just crazy way.  After my last log of events…I landed in New York and was subjected to a 4 hour delay.  Apparently the plane we were scheduled to bored had some wheel problems and after the first coupe hours of wait they dubbed it unsafe to fly.  Though I was obviously grateful to not be flying in an unsafe plane, the wait was a bit annoying.  Still, we were given a free meal voucher for our inconveniences and I thus treated myself to a nice large airport salad which on my own I had decided was too expensive to buy on my own.  Haha I know…

Finally our new plane arrived and we were soon up in the air and the nine hour flight on a plane with no back-of-seat televisions, and extremely small leg-room began.  It was tough to sleep on the plane, but otherwise the flight was uneventful and fine.  I did get lucky and sit next to a very friendly lady, Lupe…who talked to me off and on about her interesting life in the army and the travels and past adventures she had embarked on.  Naturally she encouraged and wished me well on mine, and we parted ways at the airport excitedly waving good-bye to one another.

After finally grabbing my bag off the bag-belt and unpacking and repacking it 🙂 I headed out to the find Tyler, and to my joy I didn’t have to walk too far past the arrival gate to find him!!  He was actually waiting for me, which that part is not unusual considering my huge delay, with a nice little “very late Huskers” sign…I smiled and our journey together was underway…

I don’t have too much more time as of now, but expect more detailed updates on these last two days soon.  Because after Tyler and I left the airport our day was pretty crazy…We spent most of the time lost, a bit frustrated, unsure what to do or where to go, loaded down with our giant backpacks, and trying to find cheap drinks, food, and free wifi.  Finally we broke down and decided to rent a car…this was probably one of the things that made me most excited/happy/relieved…but this feeling was rather short-lived.  Because after climbing into the car we had to navigate by street our way to our hostel which is like out in the boondocks of Rome.  And let me tell you…Rome is not the most road-sign, directional friendly city.  We probably took like a good 2 hours to find our hostel…but boy when we made it were we thrilled to see it.  I think it could have been much worse and we still would have been releived to just get there.

Ok real quick, Today was WAY AWESOME!!  We took the train into the city and left the car at the hostel and we saw some of the amazing sights Rome has to offer.  You will have to wait in suspense to here more…so be ready to read on soon.  Good night all!


4 thoughts on “When in Rome…Get Lost :)

  1. How exciting, I wish you well and look forward to following you on your journey. I will also pray for your mom, she will be anxious until your safe return… what a great time you are going to have. love kristi

  2. What do you mean we have to wait to hear all about your first day touring Rome? If we have to wait, then we would like pctures, too. 😉 Naw, just glad to hear about the start of your adventure. I’m curious what the airport greeting sign was going to say before you were so late?? Take care!!

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