Drive me crazy

Wow what an insane day! it feels so much longer than three days ago that I arrived because already I have experienced, seen, and felt so much! I am constantly learning and growing in so many ways and already some large seeming catastrophic situations have occured and pushed me to the limit. Like today for an example when I had to drive a car all by myself in a foreign country! So how did this come about you might ask? Well at seven in the morning Tyler and I had to head to the airport so that Tyler could fly back to England and I move on to Massimos in Benevento. Well since Tyler obviously was on the plane I was the one left to return the car where we rented it…but the airport is quite a trip from the tirmini and the city center of Roma. So I head out on my own from the Airport armed with no map and really no direction other then the horrible road signage around Rome. If it wasn’t for the craziness i might have been able to enjoy my driving experience more…but in the moment I was just stressed. When I arrived at the termini I decided for one reason or another to spend money and get a parking spot…later I would very much regret this decision…but no going back now. After parking the car and being begged at by a homeless man (yikes:)) I headed towards my destination of the day, Vatican City. After a few many blocks of rain I opted to attempt the bus and though I ended up paying for a full day pass, about 4 euros, and only riding the bus twice…it was worth it. Sooner I arrived at my destination and while I hate to admit in my mind I was visualizing a different famouse piazza and building…it was still amazing. Especially the Sistine Chapel! The walls and ceilings everywhere were so ornate and beautiful. I can’t believe the skill. While out in the plaza I was recruited to an English tour and while usually I might have opted not to pay much and do it on my own…I was so glad to have a group to go through with and a wonderfully fun tour guide to tell me so much interesting information about the buildings, artists, history, and random info about Rome and the Vatican in general. Well my tour ended and after running through st. Peters faster than I wished to I began to head for the bus. I didn’t want to be late because I still had to return the car…I would have sent everyone a post card from the Vatican but alas no time. Still some how I managed to be slightly sidetracked for a photo with a cute though shy Swiss Guard and I do believe this coupled with the rediculously slow bus led to the disaster of the day…


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