Refreshed and yet quite spent :)

Hello All…so I know I promised more information about certain days…but lets just say each day has felt like 5 and there is more than time will allow to write about once again.  So if I mention something and you wish to know more about it please don’t hesitate to ask me about it.  To give a quick run down from where I left off the other day.  On Friday Tyler and I enjoyed a wonderful but rainy day in Rome!!  We saw the Trevi fountain…where after realizing I had no coins I had to kindly ask Tyler to loan me one, because there was no way I was leaving without throwing a coin in.  After that we headed to the magnificent Colosseum…which I absolutely was astounded by.  I absolutely touring it and an added bonus was we didn’t even have to pay because we happened to be lucky enough to come during history week when some monuments and museums are free.  We next walked, still in the drizzle, through the Roman Forum and viewed down on Circus Maximus.  The gardens and greenery were beautiful and peaceful and it was quite an enjoyable, relaxing walk.  From here we headed back North towards the Pantheon.  After years of hearing about this building in architecture I was quite excited to see it…and it also lived up to my expectation…despite the scaffolding that covered half of its front facade.  Lame I know.  OH well, it was still worth seeing.  From here we hit the Piazza Navona and a few other sights along the way back to the metro station.  at the metro we had no idea really how to read the maps or figure out which train we needed to board to get back to our hostel.  Thankfully God had sent a sweet little old lady to direct us on which train to board…and luckily  she was right and we made it safely back to our hostel where we spent the evening packing for the morning, using the internet, scheduling, and eating at the cafeteria.

Between viewing historic wonders, we also enjoyed two fine little italian eateries.  One was called something O past…I have a picture so I’ll up load them hopefully soon, anyway…it was not over priced and quite delicious.  I had a salad with the most amazing sun-dried cherry tomatoes ever and Tyler had a really yummy pasta.  Later on we stopped at a little caffe and Tyler got a pizza and we both enjoyed a small cone of gellato.  My flavors were caffe(coffee) and another one made with wine and egg…it tasted a lot like egg-nog, but better.  Totally hit the spot.

Overall, day two in Rome was quite a success…which is way more than I can say about the next day…but that is for the next internet session.  Alright….I’m off again.  I love you  all, and can’t wait to tell you more stories and upload some photos.  there are some great ones 🙂

And as a quick taste of what’s to come…craziness/freak-out sessions, but also an amazing bike ride through Italy!!  Beautiful people and scenery…and currently I am doing well.  Ciao!


6 thoughts on “Refreshed and yet quite spent :)

  1. Your day in Rome sounds fun and awe-inspiring! Do you think you will be going back there? I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. When your mother and I were in Rome, what amazed me the most was knowing how old these structures are and how disposible buildings are built today. As you were looking at the Colosseum that was built over 2500 years ago, they are cleaning up the rubble from the Dallas Cowboys statium that was maybe 25 years old. Thanks for the update. I look forward to the ones to come. Love ya, Dad.

  3. Hey Rachel! We are enjoying reading about your adventures and looking forward to further reports. John wants you to eat something other than salad before your next report. We are thinking about you and wishing you well.
    Aunt Keri

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