Language and benevento explorations

Ahh so excited!! I just found an Internet cafe with wifi, a sweet Barista who speaks a touch of English and cups of delicious, cheap caffe! Day in benevento on my own for the first time equals a success. The town of Benevento is wonderful and the people so friendly…or assuming from smiles and actions considering I understand next to nothing. Next puchase…possibly a English/Italian dictionary. I want to speak to these people so badly!! Especially because during my aimless sight-seeing today I happened apon the sweetest little old Italian artist/sculptor ever. His name was Joseph and I plan to visit him again tomorrow. If I can I want to buy an ink drawing from him…but we will see. Well of course as luck would have it I have to run and meet Massimo now that I just figuring out the Internet on my iPod touch. O well hope to be back tomorrow and start a bit sooner. Grazia for all your comments and prayers. Ciao!


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