When you got to go… YOU GOTS TO GO

Once again I am on a bus…such a convenient time to write. I am currently trying with all my might to not pee everywhere because ten minutes before the bus arrived I had an intense need to go and NO BATHROOM IN SIGHT. Ahh! Now I am stuck on a bumpy bus to Naples…this is going to be a long uncomfortable ride 😦
I couldn’t take it any longer and I totally about peed my pants…so figuring it was better to cause a scene by requesting a bathroom stop over wetting myself I threw pride out the window and went forward to the driver to request a “toilett.” I could tell he wasn’t pleased but seemed to give in to my request, only he had to go a little farther to a place he could pull in…or this is what I concluded. An intense couple minutes later he pulled into a gas station and I sprinted as fast as my full bladdered self would allow. Ran into the shop asking “toilett, toilett” and followed their point to the restroom where I finally was able to relive myself. Oh my gosh it hurt so bad…I had been waiting so long! This may be TMI but it was really kind of funny in a horrible way and i thought it could be a reminder to anyone that has an embarrasing moment today…at least you didn’t have to try and communicate your need to pee in public in a language you don’t speak

Anyway, today was my actual last morning in benevento. I will miss Massimo and his parents and Elania. They were all so kind, especially considering my lack of Italian comprehension. Both Ulanda and Mario seemed quite sad to see me go and Massimo too said he had enjoyed having me very much. This was wonderful to hear because I sure enjoyed them a lot and it would be fantastic to think it goes both ways! Massimo invited me back for a bike ride through some Italian wineries later in May, so we will see where I am. It would be a blast to join him and his friends for such an event.

Last night Massimo Elania Thomaso and I went out for a drink in Benevento. This was delightful other than the fact I quickly began to realize Thomaso was not a huge fan of the American and though he spoke quite good english he truly detested the language and hated how the American culture had so poisened the Italy he used to know, and on and on. He quized me on what I knew of Italian history, famous people, it language, and why I came…I think I failed on all accounts. Oh well, a good lesson in not taking to heart what everyone thinks of me. Besides the rest of the Italians I met seemed to enjoy me just fine.
However Thomasos questioning did get me thinking more on why I am here, what I hope to take away from this excursion, etc. No I didn’t research every country or speak much outside of English…but I wanted a chance to learn. I desire to broaden my horizons and open my view to more of the world than just the surroundings and customs I have always known. Speaking of different social behaviors, I Love Love Love how so many people just pop into a coffe house for a quick espresso any time of the day, and instead of sitting down they take it standing…like an American would take a shot at a bar…only so much more classy! Also I find it interesting how even men greet each other with side kisses. I can’t imagine some of my male friends back home EVER doing this. I’m sure they would find it quite strange…but I bet Italians find us rather imperssonal with our distant handshakes. Personally I like the greeting side kisses. They make me smile 🙂


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