Capri Sun…drink it in

Buenos dias and bonjourno! No I am not on a train…this time a ship (or sheep as my Chilian friend seems to say) and we, Pedro and I, are returning to Naples after spending a wonderful morning on the island of Capri!! Um…no words can explain what a beautiful, story-book experience today was for me. The island was gorgeous and the atmosphere of the town was one of high-class and riches. The centro of Capri featured streets lined with specialty shops displaying dresses priced at hundreds of euro and jewlery selling for thousands. I wished i had more money because I totally would have bought myself, mom, and sister some sweet necklaces…but I settled for a postcard and a gellato instead. After gazing a while in store windows Pedro and I headed to the garden and island look-out point suggested on our map. We admired the blooming flora and formed our next plan of action after viewing from the look-out a nice path down the othe side of the island, which gave views out to the shore of giant rocks and glistening aqua water. As we looked down on the shor line had already made up my mind to climb those rock and wet my feet in the crystal sea, even if the path didn’t go down the whole way…I had hiking boots. I could climb!
And so we began our journey down the little paved walkway and soon found ourselfs as close to the shore as the path permitted. We continued on until we found stairs that led down to a little beach. You had to pay to stay at the beach, but I had no intention of staying there…it was only a means to an end…so we crossed the beach and climbed the stairs on the other side which eventually gave access to the huge rocks of the shore. We went down close to the water and I stripped of my shoes (I know secretly you were all thinking I would say clothes, but no) and socks, rolled up my pants and went to stand on the edge of a rock close enough to the sea that when the waves washed up the cool, refreshing water flowed over my feet and calves. I was in heaven. Beautiful scenery, no other tourists around, a feeling of exploration and independence at trecking to this point where few others ventured…I loved it.
After a while I returned to Pedro who had opted not to get his feet wet in fear that he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from swimming and put my shoes back on. And here is actually where the real trekking began. We decided to walk along the coast, which in truth was really like climbing and jumping from one giant rock to the next. It was perfect bouldering conditions too because the rocks were mostly of white pumic, volcanic rock, so they were quite rough and excellent for getting a good footing or hand-hold. There was even an area where we actully had to full out climb up the side of the mountain for 15 ft or so. Once aarriving at the top we saw two caves farther up the shore so we opted to make these our final destinations. We continued climbing across the shore, enjoying the challenge and the grandour of the rocks and water before us. Maybe it’s kind of silly but I wanted to cry and sing at the same time. I was so full of joy and contentment. God is so amazing!!
We eventually reached the caves and celebrated our success by sitting on the edge of a rock by the water just soaking up our surroundings and thinking on life. Perfect!! This was exactly the kind of random little adventures I hoped to encounter!! What fabulous day off the coast of Italy. My heart is dancing.
Other interesting points to the hike… 1.We found a little hut/lean to/cave where someone was living and 2. we passed a man on our climb who later (when we returned to the paved path and could look back down at where we had been) we saw sprawled out on a flat surface naked! bathing in the sun. Oh funny.
Naked man asside, it was such a glorious day, which really sums up my entire experience in Naples and Pompeii these past few days. For not even really being on the original plan, Naples, my excurssions from Naples, and the people I have met in my hostle have been an unexpectedly huge joy!!


2 thoughts on “Capri Sun…drink it in

  1. It was great to read all your posts tonight!!! What an amazing trip you have had…and it has only been two weeks!! Hope to read more and see pictures of Capri soon.

  2. Good to hear you are thoroughly enjoying yourself; you should have memories to last a lifetime. Yes, God’s splendor is indeed magnificent!!!

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