Traveling On Streets of Water

So hopefully everyone has enjoyed the posts I uploaded a few days ago. Without my own computer, just my iPod touch, it is more difficult to accomplish Internet and computer type things, such as blogging. So I appologize for not having more for you all to read. Plus I am such a detail person and I like to record and relive every little piece of my experience, but I might try to just give bare-minimum updates and then fill in the color and flare to stories later. On that note these past few days have found me once again reunited with my traveling partner Tyler. He met me in Rome where we spent one rainy evening and the next morning before catching a train to Milano. In Milan we immediately saught out out hostel and then went out to explore the city a bit and find a place to eat. Once again our uninvited friend, rain, came with us. We did find a nice little resaurant not too far from our hostel and had the sweetest Italian waitress ever! She even volunteered to basically translate the whole menu to help us figure out what we wanted to order:)
The hostel we stayed at was called Zebra and was a decent place to crash. Because the hostel wasnt super busy both Tyler and I were able to have our own room, which was nice.
The main reason for our stay in Milano was because Tyler wanted to see Alkaline Trio, who were on tour in Milan and performing Sat the 8th. So we didn’t really have too many things we really felt pulled to do in Milan, which meant I slept way in Saturday morning, and we spent most of the day: trip planning for the future, skyping with family, grocery shopping, and cooking. It was a nice day of recuperation. Then in the evening we headed to the concert which was also quite fun…though I think i would have been able to enjoy it more if I actually knew the songs 🙂 Still Tyler was thrilled, so it was all good.
Today we are on another train…this time to Venice and I think both of us are quite excited!! Though I have heard the city smells…what city doesn’t? It will definitely be neat and different to see this aging city of canals. And while were are briefly on the topic of differences in cities…I must say Milano was the most American-esk city of Italy. Milan is definitely a different breed compared to Rome, Napolis, and the other little Italian town and cities I have visited. It was both strafe and comforting at the same time 🙂


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