The Rain is No Match for Us…besides, should it flood Venice has boats :)

Well, today is our second full day in Venice and it is truly still as wonderful as my first impression believed.  Tyler and I continue to walk the endless turning and twisting streets to find both new sites and now semi-fimilar locations.  Today we have designated as “Museum, Doge’s Palace, and various note-worthy buildings” day.  Currently though we are taking a little lunch break from all our historic sight-seeing to relax in our new favorite wifi cafe.  It is worked by three nice Italian gentlemen [and none too bad-looking if I might say :)] and the food is good and cheap.  We found the place in our explorations yesterday and decided we should return, although refinding the place was probably more difficult than happening upon it the first time.  Still, here we sit once again…and it is pure perfection…to be chill’n in Venice, waiting for friends to possibly go on a Gondola ride, and simply soaking up the wonder that is life, and nature (rain).

On a different note, visiting all these museums and beautifully decked-out-in-art-from-floor-to-ceiling buildings is making me antsy to design and create on my own.  I see all these wonderful works of art and I want to draw and paint and form.  It is so inspiring and invigorating and…wonderful.  I love WANTING to make things, and though I hate to say it sometimes that motivation is hard to come-by.  I just wish I could bottle it, so my creative senses could be set a-fire anytime I desired 🙂

Well, I just wanted to give a brief update for everyone, but we are supposed to leave soon to meet for checking into a gondola ride.  Also, we need to check train schedules before we depart from our wifi signal.  I love you all, and hope you are enjoying my blog…though somewhat sporadic.  I have pictures and more to upload…its just a matter of finding time.  I’m hoping when we reach Switzerland and our host, which means Tyler and I will be in one place for a whole week, I will have more time to bring everyone up to speed on my travels.  Enjoy your day and hope to be sending more adventure details your way soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Rain is No Match for Us…besides, should it flood Venice has boats :)

  1. Yes to gondola rides and stopping to blog in fun wifi cafes! It was fun to read your post today and picture you soaking in the sights…and the rain. XO

  2. Great to hear about your visit through Venice. I saw Tyler’s blog and it sounds wet, but beautifully peaceful. Try to soak (not rain) in as much as possible. I look forward to seeing the pictures once they get downloaded. Your camera memory should be about full!?!
    Love, Dad

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