Costly Craziness…but Memerable Moments

I sit/lie now in a bed in a hotel in Paris, France. After an emergency change of plans do to some unfortunate issues at a place we had previously planned to go, Tyler and I found ourselves booking planes and hotels for literally the same day of our arrival. Well almost, we did book the flight the day before, but the hotel was the morning of. Anyway, point being we had very little time to find a place that fit our budget, wifi requirement, location preference, and was available on such short notice. After some intense sleuth work on hostel and cheap hotel websites we found one for the first two nights for 75 euro a night. Now as I lay here in my room I am relieved we got so lucky. Though it is nothing fancy, it is clean and cozy and a place to sleep…and at 2:16 in the morning…and after a long day of planning, contacting places and people, and moving locations…it is perfect.
Today was no walk in the park and I wish more time could have been spent soaking up a bit more of Venice’s relaxed atmosphere. Instead I learned an important traveling lesson: in Italy YOU MUST PRE-PRINT YOUR BOARDING PASS! None of that American-way business where you can pick up your pass at the airport…or actually you CAN print it in the airport but it costs 40 euros for each ticket printed!! Sweet…not. So Tyler and I joyfully, HaHa, gave the lovely Italians 40 more euros of our money and were then able to board our flight. Gurrr. The really frustrating thing though was how we asked the lady at the ticket info office if there was anyway to print our passes and she said no. But we were instructed by the baggage check girls to back to the ticket office lady because they said she would have to print it for us, once we paid the 40 euros, and then she totally remembered she COULD print passes!! Why didn’t she just say we had to pay to begin with instead of acting like it couldn’t be done at all? Strange!!
On another note we made some new friends tonight…Jamie and Danna I believe. They are two college girls from Georgia, also on a Europe excursion, and this was their first stop. It was lucky we were there really because until they talked with us and we told them about our hotel they were planning to just sleep IN THE AIRPORT! Silly girls. Tyler gladly agreed to show them to ou hotel and gave them the hotel number so that they could see if anything was still avaiable…and thankfully it was!! I’m glad we were able to help them. I remember how crazy my first few days of travel were 🙂


3 thoughts on “Costly Craziness…but Memerable Moments

  1. very inconvenient surprise! that happened to elise at barcelona…. so if you plan to go to spain, be sure to pre-print also 🙂
    hope you’re have a wonderful time!

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