Touch-down in Spain

I literally just arrived in Spain and as always I am thrilled to be in a new place! I am solo once again as Tyler and I ended our European travels together this morning. He should now be happily back in England and ready to get down to business as only he know what I mean 😉

Anyway we just passed a gas station and It reminded me so much of home…it was actually like a mini-supermarket, such as America has, as opposed to the shanty little hut like stands that are recognied as gas stations in Italy. It is funny the things that make you miss home. And speaking of home…I do miss it!! I absolutely adore traveling and have learned and experienced so much and still there is pleanty more I wish to see as well, but not having a home base over here gets wearing after a while. I think if the host thing had worked out better I might not feel this way as much, but running from place to place, even county to country, every few days is tough 🙂

Yet at the same time when I think of coming home I think of how much real life that looms before me. Dare I ask why can’t I just roam around, learning, meeting people, observing, for longer? Does it have to end just because I go back to the states? Obviously money is always an issue and I do WANT to get a job…but I’m just nervous about both landing one and then being super locked down into whatever it is. I’ve considered going back to study…possibly studying even over here in a country in Europe…then I would have my “base.”. But that too costs money…it kinda funny to me how my back-up option to not getting a job is spending more money:) But there is always the hope for scholarships…Oh I guess we’ll see. I’m tired of thinking of it for now…I really need to be figuring out how to get to Madrid, costs, and hostles. Truly my least favorite part is being in one amazing place and not able to enjoy it to it’s full extent because I have plan for where I’m heading next. Ahhh the craziness that is backpacking! Still I wouldn’t change it for the world…I am truly blessed and having an experience of a lifetime!


2 thoughts on “Touch-down in Spain

  1. I want to live my life everyday meeting, greeting, and experinceing new things without getting a job. i wish money grew on trees and that life was longer and easier. Just remember God has a purpose and a plan for your life and everything happens for a reason. Riches may enable us to confer favours, but to confer them with propriety and grace requires a something that riches cannot give. You and me both.

  2. well hello there ms rachel reed. its the cali kids, and we were just enjoying your wonderful blog. GRANADA! we’re doing it. hopefully we can all travel there together as well eh? anyways, we like your blog! its badass. see ya later tonight in the hammock!

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