Sevilla football

So today has turned out to be quite an experience…I have spent the majority of my time again surrounded by people, well guys, who have next to no idea how to speak English but it has been a blast for the most part. One guy kept wanting to touch my face and tell me I was guapa, or whatever you say to mean beautiful in Spanish, which was a nice gesture but got rather old quick. Luckily two of the guys in the group of like eight could speak a touch of English or I really would have been in a tight spot. But overall they are sweet guys and hello they paid my way to a freaking football match! Pretty awesome in my book. It has been a true Spanish experience as I’ve witnessed the full pre-game parties, fan zone, and craziness, which was underway at one even though the game didn’t start until 9:30! Insane but super fun!

Then came the game…which was even better!!  I think I have a new love for soccer/football :).  Oh my gosh I loved watching and cheering, and all the fans get so into it.  I had a blast.  Plus to make it better Sevilla WON!!  It really was a great game.  We won 2 to zero, and the last goal was scored right at the end…flipping awesome.  Whenever the team scored I was whisked off my feet by the young Spanish man next to me, Jose (one of the two in the group who could speak english), squeezed, jumped up and down with, and usually spun around or something.  It was so funny how excited they would get for those goals.  I´m so glad I got to go…and now that they are gone I miss my new friends from Sevilla. 

On that note, they did extend an invitation for me to come and visit them down in southern Spain, and everyone I have talked to says southern Spain is where its at…so maybe I will have to take them up on their suggestion and go down and see them in their towns.  🙂  We shall see, but boy-oh-boy did I have a phenomenal time at the game!!


One thought on “Sevilla football

  1. I must say I am a bit of a futbol fan myself, did you know that Sevilla FC’s stadium is named after its former president? I have always wanted to go overseas, what is the weirdest part about your trip so far?

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