So Freaking Hot!!!

And no I´m not talking about me or the guy I met the other day, haha 🙂 I´m talking about the roasting, sunny weather…

I am now in Sevilla…and it has been a nice little stop over in my journey…though I think I have sweat more in these past few days than on my whole trip combined.  It is ridiculously warm in here, and, sadly to note, my hostel is exnay on the air-conditionay!!  So that makes for some fun, drenched in sweat times…but I´m enjoying myself regardless.  Once again, I arrived on my own, but have quickly made new friends to travel through the streets of Sevilla with.  I am also super thrilled right now because this morning I met two guys who are leaving for Granada tomorrow, same day as me, and I think we are going to meet up and hang out while we are over there.  It makes me happy to know I already will know someone when I arrive…well, kind of know them, considering we only first talked this morning, but whatever 🙂 I know them more than other people in Granada. haha, anyway.

So…what else is new.  I was reading back over some of my blogs and I realized I left out a really funny incident that happened while I was in Paris.  So settle in and get ready for yet another classic moment in the travels of Rachel Reed:

So I had parted ways with Tyler and I was now on my way to find the Orly Airport.  I had to ride the Metro from my hotel to the stop where the Orly bus or Orly train connections were located.  On my map the Orly bus was noted at a stop before the Orly train…but for some odd reason I just figured there would be another Orly bus at the Orly train stop too…I don´t know.  Anyway, when I arrived at the stop for the Orly train, my only option was the Orly train (imagine that) which cost a bit more.  Oh well I thought, I´m here I might was well just go with the train.  However, in my inability to read english (haha) I purchased an Orly bus pass…not a train pass…which left me with two new options.  I could either 1. ride the metro back to the stop where the Orly bus departed from, or 2. I could eat the cost of the bus ticket and just buy another ticket but this time for the Orly TRAIN.  Well, if you know me I am not one to spend money carelessly.  I had time, so I decided to just ride the metro back to the bus station.

At this point though, I realized, I only had a bus pass, and not a metro pass…so to get back on the metro would cost me more money. I was frustrated now and not in the mood to spend unneccessary amounts of money.  So…I had a brilliant idea.  I had been watching the people going through the metro turnstiles for a while and had come up with a plan.  These turnstiles are not the kind with the bar that rotates around as you walk through, but instead had sliding doors that moved apart and came back together, similar to an elevator.  The doors stayed open quite long, and in an instant of pure genius I decided I would just follow someone through the doors.  I mean I had bought plenty of metro passes, and I had originally intended to buy a train pass and it was only by default that I had not.  I figured one free ride wouldn´t hurt.  So I quickly selected a lady to follow through, and after she passed through the doors I hurried to do so myself…and that is when disaster occurred.  I would have been just fine, really, I actually could have gotten through with room to spare, but I forget sometimes that I´m hauling a bag the size of another human on my back…and it was not so lucky.  Also, unlike elevator doors, these metro doors do not open when they shut on something…they just shut!  You can imagine what happened.  After I made it through, the doors decided to shut and clamped together firmly on my backpack.  So there I was, literally stuck in the doors, unable to free myself…looking rediculous I´m sure.  Eventually a lady noticed and came over to try to help, but even her and I together could not pry these doors apart.  Finally a very nice guy came and freed me from the iron grip of the doors.  Wow…I think I was like ten shades of red.  Luckily no official people noticed, so I was not questioned about my ticket.  I quickly got on the metro and allowed myself to be whisked away, far far away.  On a positive note though, on my ride back to the bus stop I did meet some really neat ladies on the metro and I had quite an enjoyable time talking with them about traveling and neat places we had been or hoped to go.

So…just thought that story was worth sharing.  Hopefully it will put a smile on everyone´s face.  Sorry I don´t have any pictures 🙂

As far as now goes…today is my last full day in Sevilla.  I had hoped to meet up with some of the guys I had met when I went to the football game in Barcelona, but I don´t think they must use the internet all that often…or they are just ignoring me, but I´m voting for number one 🙂  Still, as I said, I have met some other new friends and have enjoyed a city tour as well as visiting the cathedral and enjoying good food with these new comrades.

Other news, it is strange to hear all that is happening back home while I´ve been away.  For example a good friend of mine informed me she is pregnant.  Wow, I wish I was there to chat with her and see how she is feeling.  Another friend, messaged me and then I called her, because she is ENGAGED!!!  I am flipping excited for her, but miss her something terrible and this only made me miss her more.  Also, my sister went and got her nose pierced…without me!!  I am eager to return home to these wonderful people and talk to them more about their stories, but at the same time it feels so unreal being over here and hearing this new, and part of me wants to stay suspended in this time so that nothing, big or little, can change without me saying so.  haha, as if that was ever possible.  Oh well, a girl can dream.

I´m trying to think if there is anything else news-worthy to report.  Please feel free to make comments and ask me questions if you want to know more about any particular part of my trip that I didn´t cover to your liking.  I have plenty more stories, so just let me know if you want to hear them.  I do still owe you all an explanation to what actually happened those first few days in Rome.  It was quite a beginning to my adventures abroad.  For now I believe I am going to sign off.  Once again my computer/internet is not cooperating to let me upload pictures, but the first chance I get…be warned…the photos will take over 🙂  I hope everyone reading this is doing well.  Please keep me in your prayers and feel free to update me on what you are doing as well.  I think I might catch a siesta down by the river now.  So catch you later. Kisses!!!

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One thought on “So Freaking Hot!!!

  1. Knowing you, I am surprised you didn’t ask someone to snap a picture of you stuck in the metro doors, so that we could all have a visual. Which of course, we are sorely lacking. Looking forward to the day when you can upload pictures!!
    Just so you know, it has been hot, hot, hot here too, lately (about 90-95 degrees), but not quite so much to see and do as in Spain!! XOXO

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