Hello goodbye…to Granada we ride

So the last few days I have spent melting 😉 in Sevilla and while i could have used a nice fan or some AC, it was a nice place to visit. Thankfully God delivered a few fun surprises and new friends…or I think I might not have enjoyed myself as much as I did. I was quite disappointed in my football friends because I never did hear back from them…so I am departing Sevilla without getting to hang with them. Oh well, I’m just thankful I had the chance to meet them originally and join in all the football game celebrations.

So then where do the exciting surprises come in…well yesterday as I was trying to catch up on facebook and what-not I suddenly had the urge to write my past traveling buddy Pedro and see how he was doing and where he was going. As I was writing his wall post I could hear people down stairs talking and one of the guys had a voice, seriously, JUST like Pedros, and I thought that was funny since I was writing him and all. Ten minutes later or so I finally finish with the computer and went downstairs only to freeze in mid-step…because THERE WAS PEDRO standing in the commons of my hostel!!! I was so thrilled to see him!! I think I might have scared him at how excited I was 🙂 he came over and we hugged and laughed and talked about how crazy our chance reunion was. It was a nice surprise. I had missed his sweet company and nice smile…I really like that guy! It was absolutely wonderful to see him again even if only for a night.

And what a night we had. A group of about seven of the coolest people from our hostel, as well as Rodrigo, who I met on the walking tour of Sevilla but stayed in a different hostel, all decided to trek down to the river. It turned out to be even more chill than I had expected too because not only was the weather much cooler, but the conversation was fun, the lights on the water beautiful, and we lucked into being entertained by a marching band that was playing slow, brassy songs down on the river walk. It was quite nice. Also I got to know the two guys, Vince and Carlos, as well as a spunky Australian girl, Lindsey, a bit better. This proves especially beneficial because, by coincidence, all four of us have basically the same itinerary for the next few days. Actually the two boys and I had already, independently, booked nights at the same hostel in Valencia. How funny. So I think we will all be hanging out and I am stoked because they seem like fun guys and Lindsey is hilarious and makes me smile. Lindsey and I are actually on the bus together from Sevilla to Granada right now. The boys took a train this morning. I think it is fantastic how I have been able to meet people to travel and join up with. It is nice to be on my own and have the freedom to do and go where I want, but my favorite part is finding new people I connect with and then getting to experience their company for a few days. I have loved so many of the people I have met and my only complaint is that then after getting to be with these amazing individuals…we all have to seperate…and possibly never see one another again!!! I’m trying to keep track of all the people I have befriended as well as where we met and where they are from…that way maybe in the future I can go visit them in their own country, which would be sweet.

Other stellar people I spent time with and shared good talks were Pius and Sarah!


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