Grand Granada

My newest location is the White Nest Hostel in beautiful Granada, Spain. This is only my first real day here but already I think I like the town more than Seville. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m trying to put my finger on it. There is just a more lively vibe I think and it doesn’t seem as stiff and hot as Seville. Don’t get me wrong…I’m way glad I went to Seville but I’m even more excited to be in Granada now. At the moment I am sitting in a quiet little garden I found a block or so up from my hostel. It isn’t too hot sitting in the shade, still this weather seriously just makes me want to go take a nap. But I already slept the latest I have yet in my trip this morning. True i didn’t go to bed until about 3:30 but still 10:35 is pretty late in the day to be crawling out of bed. Oh well I have two more full days here.

Haha so my day just took a wonderful turn for the better! Apparently the park I had been sitting and writing in was closing…no big. I let them shoo me out and then continued my travels up into the old-town part of the city. As I was walking I looked up and saw this sweet wall running up along the top of the hill, so I figured why not seek out some adventure and try to find a path up to the wall. So my hike began. Now, anyone who has talked to me about my travels would know I like looking out from vantage points and observing the city from this removed spot, therefore the treck up to the wall was fantastic and I had to stop every couple feet to turn and look at the city below me. Finally I reached the wall, but that did not quench my thirst for adventure and lookouts. So naturally I began scouting for a place where I might be able to climb up the wal!!! The spot I eventually found was a low, ten feet high section of wall, just estimating, and it had some decent holes for hand and feet holds. So I began scaling and though at one point I did get a bit fearful because I was loosing my grip and couldn’t find the foothold, I toughed it out and eventually crawled up on top. Then I stood up and was greeted by a breath-taking view of the city and the fantastic mountains surrounding Granada. Awesome!!! So perfect. A nice little climb complete with a glimps of Spanish country-side not seen by everyone. Love it. I doubt even many native Spanish people climb this wall and walk along it…except maybe the gypsys because I’m pretty sure they are the ones living in all the little caves and mountainside huts I passed on my way up 🙂 well now after soaking up a few more rays and drinking in the sights from my current purch, the only thing left to do is find a way down, haha and that should be fun because I’m pretty sure the way I came up won’t lend itself as kindly for climbing down. So I guess I will just walk along this cool wall until I find a descent point. Wish me luck 😉


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