Valencia…(please sing/say in the manner of the activia commercial…you know where it goes up in pitch on the ia)

Alrighty so it’s been a busy couple of days. After the help from sweet Jesus [hehe 😉 Jesus was the name of a Spanish guy who assisted me in finding and boarding my 3 o’clock bus] my ride was long yet uneventful. I slept some, dozen some, starred into space some, and just waited for my arrival in Valencia to occur. Finally the lady announced Valencia over the speakers and I climbed off to grab my bag and go. At this point I was quite glad with my decision to repack and once again squeeze everything into my duffle/backpack rather than have my sholder strapped green bag and the backpack…seriously even though it is a bit heavier to heave on to my back, overall it makes for a much easier way to cart all my junk around.
Anyway, back to the real story. From the station I was given instructions to the Plaza I was looking for, close to my hostel, and started my journey to my new bed :). I arrived at The Purple Nest to find a mass of other travelers bustling about…checking in, out, chill’n, etc. Still eventually I got to the desk, checked in, and went to dump my luggage. Yay! It had been a hot walk, I’d basically been up all night, I was drenched in sweat, a bit hungry/thirsty and super ready to see Allison who still had an hour or so yet before she’d arrive. Aaaahhh, sigh of relief to atleast be checked into my new place. I briefly met the French trio also sharing my room, changed into my swimsuit (just in case) and headed out to see a bit of the area around the hostel before Alli arrived.
When I got back to the nest Alli was waiting for me and we decided to walk along the park/old river walk and eventually head to the beach. Our path took us past the science/aquarium/way-awesome architecture complex in Valencia, so we walked around it a bit and got some information and what-not so that we could see about coming back sometime during our stay. From there we continued down towards the port and what we hoped would eventually lead us to the beach. Oh but the travel God had other plans in mind and it turned into quite an interesting walk through the port and new marina addition, and ultimately a nice little sailboat ride 🙂


One thought on “Valencia…(please sing/say in the manner of the activia commercial…you know where it goes up in pitch on the ia)

  1. So now you are writing a mystery novel, or maybe I should call it a mystery short novel. Ending an update after waiting patiently for almost a week for some word and then leave us hanging??? Your next update better be soon regarding the port, marina and sailboat ride. Glad to know you arrived in Valencia safe and sound. I love you bunches, Dad.

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