Dry Dock…to Smooth Sailing

I wanted to split up my posts so there wasn’t just one giant one…besides I already started telling you a bit about Valencia in a previous post…now I’ll pick up from there.
Alright, Allison and I were headed for the beach, but instead found ourselves walking along a road with no sidewalk or real pedestrian friendliness. Still we could see the port ahead and figured we were atleast headed to water so it should be ok. After climbing down a little hill and walking through some of the port area we saw a pedestrian and bike sign so we assumed we had found the way and quickly followed the sign. We were still walking next to a road, but oddly enough it had fence on each side…styled like a speed race track would be…how strange we both thought, but whatever. At this point we still had not decided to pull out our map, even though yes I had it with me 🙂 because we knew the beach HAD to be close. We decided to exit off the race-track looking road and hoof it through this little park. Then we began to see signs for things like laundy, restrooms, water taxi, etc. But it all looked very new and seriously like NO ONE else was walking in this area. We eventually came to some docks and could see people across the way walking around and we were reinvigorated saying “ok now we just need to get over there.”. So being the quick thinkers we were for some reason we just assumed the docks connected farther out and if we walked out their we could take a bridge to the otherwise. Well this was not the case. The boats had to get into this bay somhow and their was no wall or bridge or any footpath to connect one dock to the other…so instead we find ourselves far out into the water on a dock with the only way to get off being to walk all the way back…or was that the only way, haha.
As we are sitting contemplating the situation four guys in mini sailboats enter the harbor area…”um hey…you want to let us ride on you boats over to the other side of the harbor? We would appreciate it SO much!” yep that’s what we asked, or something like that but naturally spoken in Spanish by fabulous Allison. And whatever said was good because sure enough the guys agreed!!! Yay our saviors. We didn’t have to walk all the way back!! Plus the guys were fun to meet and briefly chat with on our sail from one side to the other, which was maybe only a quick 50 feet by boat but definitely a 20 minute or so walk back and around on foot. It was quite a funny little ride though because Allison’s guy made her stand on the front of the boat and balance and hold on to the sailpole, while mine had me sit down, but then everytime he moved the sail I had to duck down so as not to get slammed in the head with the bar. Thus both Alli and I felt a bit silly as we road with our sailing heros. Oh well, though we did discuss possibly meeting up later…we never ended up seeing those boys again.
Still during our short conversation time I did learn that they were from Argentina!!! Seriously I have met so many awesome people from Argentina on this trip. I’m pretty sure it’s a sign…Argentina lookout because I do believe you and other South American countries are my next destination dream 🙂 and hopefully I can take some Spanish classes before and while being there because I REALLY want to learn Spanish now!
After arriving safely on the other docks we walked down that side and finally reached the beach. It was so late in the day at this point that laying out wouldn’t do much for a tan…so we just waded out into the water a bit and let the waves wash up and back around us as we talked about life, relationships, God…and it was wonderful. Though the walk to get there had been a bit more complicated than envisioned the course of events didn’t end bad, and honestly having one anothers company made it all the more enjoyable and much more fun!! Alli and I had a grand time laughing, talking, making new friends, and reveling in the sea…briefly getting stranded on a dock and indeed walking along a speed raceway (as we later discovered the road we had been on to actually be) only makes the story better:)


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