Granada Rewind

I’m an hour and a half early for my bus out of Valencia (my Internet ticket said eleven but when I arrived at the station they said it would be here at 11:30. Oh well rather early than late.). So now I have TONS of time to catch up on blogging and journaling, which is perfect because lots has been happening and running through my mind.

So events of the past few days…I do believe my Granada updates were rather stunted, which I must fix because Granada was simply too wonderful to not go into detail. First, after arriving and getting situated in my hostel, I met up with Lindsey, Vince, and Carlos at their hostel. A group of people from their hostel were attending the farria that night so we four decided to join in. A special treat for us, Granada was celebrating their Corpus Christi festival the week we were staying and the farria, fair, was part of the fun. While overwhelmingly exciting for my three friends who don’t have fairs where they are from…it was crazy strange for me because it was SO similar to a big fair in the Midwest only everything was in Spanish, haha, how funny. Anyway we stayed out late that night enjoying drinks, conversation, and the sites. Eventually I was ready to head back for bed so Carlos and Vince said they would accompany me, which turned out to be a HUGE blessing because otherwise I would have been hurting. Why you might ask. Well, when given instructions on how to get home I had understood I could take any bus that said farria on it and it would drop me where I needed…not true. So we ended up being on a bus that took us probably the farthest from the city center and our hostels as possible, and then instead of allowing us to ride back to the fair the driver made us get off…in the middle of Granada boondocks. Luckily there was a sweet Spanish couple, and to both my and Vince benefit, Carlos speaks Spanish and between all of us we were able to explain where we were headed and the couple was able to tell us that they were from Granada, had a car a few blocks away, and would be more than happy to drive us to the plaza near where we stayed. What a relief!! God was seriously looking out for us then because there wasn’t even a taxi to take from where we were.
After this exciting first night…I slept in the next morning, spent the day exploring and climbing walls as you know, and then in the evening visited Alhambra, which is the main known draw for tourists to Granada. And it is a beautiful building of skilled artistic and architectural detail, as well as gardens of glorious landscaping. I spent nearly four hours walking around the gardens and palace. It was wonderful. This second night in Granada was pretty chill and I just went over to the others hostel and we all chatted, did a bit of blogging, and kicked back.
I slept in again that next morning and then went down to book more hostels and bus tickets, which as usual was a bigger ordeal and took far longer than I’d hoped. But eventually, after some huge assistance from one of the manager men at the hostel, I got things squared away and not only did I have my bus to Valencia…but also my tickets to San Sebastian. Nice.
Feeling better about plans I headed out to meet the boys. Together we all just walked around exploring and site-seeing. I even convinced them to climb up this hill with me in the old part of town to reach the church of Saint Nicohlas and a known lookout point over the city. Once we got up there the boys were glad they had put up with the hike cause the view was totally worth it. A few interesting things we did see during our days in Granada also included a little boy peeing in a flowerbed right next to a main street…thanks to the kind assistance of his mother…interesting. Also we got a nice eye-ful of some breastfeeding action while in the middle of a park. This said, people in Spain are obviously much more open about these things and the funny thing is how normal and not funny it is to everyone else.
Contuing on, in the evening the boys and I parted ways as they had to catch their night train (which if you like to laugh I highly suggest you checkout their blog-post on this train experience…hilarious) and I still had one more full day in Granada. I went back to the hostel that night thinking I would just do some journaling and go to bed early. Ha. Instead I ended up meeting a group of French guys and a Brasilian who were all on a small vacation from studying in the north of Spain and thus found myself once again at Saint Nicolas lookout but this time observing the lights of the city at night. Which was beautiful and totally worth it…even if the guys did seem to think I was a little less since I didn’t speak any other language than English. Oh well I do what I can.
The next day was my last day in Granada so I decided to go to a monistary a bit farther up North of the main city center, which turned out to be a fantastic decision. There was practically no one at the monastery and I was able to just sit in the shade and write for a while as well as spend some time having fun taking self-portraits with my camera. The monastery was nice, peaceful, and a good relaxing place to spend the morning. The rest of the day I spent aimlessly walking and shopping around. In the evening I walked back to the jewelry shop where I was having a personalized ring crafted by the sweetest Argentinean jewelry designer, picked up my ring, and caught another beautiful view of the Alhambra and city at sunset from saint nic’s. Once again I hung out with the French guys, the guy from Brazil, and two girls from French Canada. Whether they meant to or not…the French kids are probably the first ones to make me feel both excluded and kind of dumb for not being able to speak their language. Almost all the people I have talked to who are Spanish at least try to talk to me in English…which it’s like I already feel bad I can’t talk in their language…there is no need to rub it in. Anyway, by this time I was ready to be back with my Cali boys and see Alli. Still, the bus-ride was no cupcake, and didn’t make for a great night of sleep…bit it got me to my next town and new adventures 🙂


One thought on “Granada Rewind

  1. Oh the fun stories you tell. As your mom I loved the part about you and Allison being all alone at the end of the dock…and taking rides on sailboats of total stranger sailors 🙂 However, the story of being dumped off in the boondocks in the middle of the night gave me an even bigger thrill. And what if you HAD been alone that night? I am grateful that God IS with you through these fun, exciting, somewhat nerve-wracking travels!!!

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