Step Out the Door, Step Into the Sea

Today was an absolutely perfect day. Though I slept a touch later than I might have thought…I had decided not to set an alarm so I figured it was ok. After the morning routine I went in to get breakfast…yay for hostels with free breakfast. On that note this hostel in general is pretty sweet. It’s run by a couple guys and has a very “guy house” feel to it. But it’s relaxed, friendly, super close to the beach, and I like it a lot 🙂
So I have plenty more to tell about today, but first I must describe my writing setting…I am seated on the beach at about 10:30 at night and still the lights and last glimpse of sunset (yes.sunset…it stays light here super late) make for a beautiful soft glow. The ocean is before me and I can see and hear it repeatedly crashing and rolling up onto the shore. I was thinking as I was seated here, how I’ve always sworen up and down that I was not a beach girl…and still the whole super hot temperature thing, sweating, and feeling like everyone else looks way cuter in their bikini part I could do without. But the soothing waves, gorgeous water, rediculously awesome surfing, and sand do make for a good time :). And I am not afraid to say I am loving it right now!!
On a completelt different note, so, while I continue to attempt to avoid just being girly about any guy, especially one here in Europe…I have fallen prey to the typical situation of: girl being absolutely mesmerized by her surf instructor. Haha, and while he and I are friends on facebook I feel pretty safe in saying whatever I feel on my blog and him probably never thinking twice of our day together. I mean come on this guy instructs tons of girls every week, haha. Anyway, yes he is completely adorable and while usually I am not a big “beach, blonde boy” type of girl…he is an exception. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to resist anyone with blue eyes like his 😉 To make it better, or worse really, he was a SUPER fun teacher and truly I had a blast trying to surf with him. But i must say that wasn’t just because he was cute. Statement: Surfing. Is. Totally. Sick!!! I loved it. I never had a really good ride, but I did stand up and travel a bit on a wave:). Heck yes!! It was thrilling and quite an enjoyable time. And that was just a few hours of my day. Thus further updates and fill in details to come, but now I am beat and I am going to bed. Love you all!!


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