Seriously? Me…a surfer chick?

I do believe staying in San Sebastian is transforming me into a surfer girl. I always thought it was over-rated or something since I never had a coast anywhere close-by to test out the feel of a wave beneath your board…or in your face, haha, but now that I’ve experienced it I can’t get enough. I went out again this morning to try my luck at getting up on my board but, this being only my second time, my judgement on waves and when to paddle and then push up are lacking. I think my face got more action than anything considering I took a few awesome waves head-on, but the crazy thing is…every time I surfaced I was just itching to get ready to go again. Truly it is such a rush. Ahh I am addicted. Plus it is so easy to get ready (throw on a wet-suit, grab your board, hit the water) and clean up after (shower the sand off, walk home, chill out :)) basically it is a wonderful sport and I hate that I am only now discovering it and thus not very good, haha.
After my morning surf session I came back to the hostel to plan my next travel steps…and on the 12th I will be headed to my nice little hotel in Biarritz, France.


One thought on “Seriously? Me…a surfer chick?

  1. Seriously Rachel… no more info on blue-eyes???
    San Sebastian sounds like an incredible place. I’m really glad to hear about the surfing. I’ve always thought it looked like fun but the … awesomeness I guess is the word… of the ocean always scared me when I would think about what it would be like.
    Thanks for your posts. I love ’em.

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