Bet you wish you were here!!

Just a quick little note…to update you on my day…since I had a touch more time.

1. Went surfing again this morning.  Ate a LOT of water, but still I am determined to go again…SOON!!  Any one know how to surf and care to instruct me?  Please contact me…we should talk 🙂

2. Yesterday I went for an awesome run along an almost deserted beach and then went swimming in the super cold water in the rain…but it was AWESOME.

3. Today I climbed the mountain in San Sebastian and caught a glimpse of the beautiful city and beaches below.

4. I am bummed right now because there are SO many people out surfing and I don´t trust myself to go and not cream someone…so I guess I will wait, haha.

5. I uploaded Carlos and Vince´s Spain blog.  Please feel free to check it out, but I must warn you…they are 20 year old boys…so…you can imagine…but it is funny 🙂

6. Tomorrow I head to Biarritz France and my expensive hotel…but since I have it…I totally plan on enjoying a few days of plush living 🙂

7. Ok…i´m tired of sitting…going out to explore some more

8. Please wish me some SUN and warm weather…that has been lacking, haha, just my luck 🙂


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