Last Night On The Town

I have successfully boarded my bus to Biarritz…thank goodness for nice people, town names everyone understands no matter what language you speak (usually) and new aquantences who speak English and are going the same place you are 🙂

My last night in San Seb was perfect. I had thought some about going back out to hit a few more waves, but honestly without Benja it is tough to know what to do when. Plus the weather had not cleared any and there were actually LOTS of people in the water so I opted to climb the little mountain by the beach to see the fortress and Jesus statue at the top instead. The climb was nice and even though it was a bit windy and chilly at the top…the view was nice. San Sebastian is truly a very pretty little city. At the top there was also a free museum about the history of San Seb. so I checked that out for a while as well. Quite pleased with my decision to hike up the mountain, around 5 I decided to head back to the hostel to do some computering, photo uploading, and snacking. And I must mention that on my trek down I encountered the most friendly random people, because like everyone I saw said “hola” to me…which i hadn’t experienced much before. People I pass on the street don’t usually just stop and say hello, but I thought it was nice and as I made my way down my smile and contentment only grew.

On the way back through the town I also stopped to look at some shops a bit too. I still need to find numerous gifts for people, but nothing really stuck out. I had a big urge to buy a surfing shirt for myself, but again nothing jumped out that fit the budget.

After relaxing a bit at the hostel, Christian and I decided to head to the 9 o’clock film showing as part of the surf festival that was going on.
Now I need to interject here with a little note about Christian: super super sweet and funny guy. He is from Chili but has lived in Teragona, Spain for the past four years. He speaks Spanish and broken English but is SO eager to learn and talk with me in English. We spent a good couple hours over the course of our days together walking, talking, and teaching one another our native language. His favorite things to say: it’s possible, and that I was a professional English teacher, haha. I did love though how everything was possible with him, even when it might not be or didn’t really make sense in that context. Point is he always tried hard and always stayed positive. He befriended me like the first night I arrived and I’m sure I will miss his company.

Ok, Back to the events of the evening…we arrived at the theater to see a huge crowd outside. Oh no I thought, maybe we wouldn’t get in, which would have been a huge let down. Christian asked at the window and while he told me they didn’t have any more tickets…I think our communication must have just been off because then he said “but it’s possible” and we then waited in line to see if there would be tickets enough for us to get in…AND THERE WERE. Which totally made the night because the films were freaking sweet, AND the main feature was in ENGLISH!! heck yes!! It was really cool and the cinematography and surfing was stellar. I was SO glad I decided to spend the like 3.80 euros to go. Haha. Plus, it gets better, because after the film I got to speak with the guy you created the film (he spoke English) and see one of the girls that and been featured in the film. She was quite skilled to say the least 🙂 AND I had noticed some of the people with the film festival had on sweet festibal t-shirts…so I asked a guy where I could buy one, and to my surprise he went back into this room, came out with a girls shirt and just gave it to me. FOR FREE!!! How kick’n is that. It is a bit smaller than I might have selected, but ill take it for sure. Actually I am wearing it right now and feeling quite cool!! Haha 🙂


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