Double Bed Delights

On a Sunday in France, when everythings closed, after being out with new friends, and you are all cozy in your SUPER COMFORTABLE DOUBLE BED!! It is tough to get up, haha. So I figured i’d enjoy my delightful bed a bit longer and catch up on my posts.
I would have NEVER imagined yesterday to progress as it did. But man what a cool turn of events. Considering I had decided to book a hotel I figured I probably wouldn’t meet many people since there would be no hostel common room, and I figured I’d just walk around Biarritz, chill at the beach and head out. Boy was I in for a treat.
I arrive around 4 oclock on my bus and though I usually don’t visit information offices, I decided to since I wouldn’t have hostel friends to get the low-down from. I walked in and heard the cute girl at one of the info desks speaking English so even when the other guy helping people was free, I decided to wait a bit longer and talk to the girl instead. Truly this was God at work.

So I walk up to the desk and kinda give the lowdown on my plans: only in town two days…what’s best to do, blah blah. She was mega helpful and then after chatting for a bit she says “My favorite thing when I travel is when people who know the town envited me out for drinks or whatever…would you want to get drinks or something tomorrow? I work late tonight but maybe even tonight?”. Ummm…let me think…heck yes I would!!! So we exchanged numbers and excited about my new French friend I happily headed to my hotel. Not still 100% sure it would actually happen that we would get together, my doubts were erased not even an hour later. Celine, the girl from the info office, calls me and asks if I’d like to grab a drink before she goes to work for the evening. Sure! Why not? And thus my night of French friendships began.
Celine and I chatted for a while about travels, boyfriends (she has one that’s why), and more. I asked if she envited lots of people out like this…and she said only those she got a good feel about. 🙂 and that feeling totally goes both ways. Seriously this girl is super sweet, fun, excited, and really a joy to be around. She even offered/insisted I stay a few days longer and just crash at her place. Oh my gosh? Where do awesome people like her come from? How fun!!
While we were sipping our drinks at The Red Cafe (usually a rugby watching sportbar) two of Celine’s friends, Nico and Liz, came and joined us. They too spoke English and were way cool!!! They invited me for a snack before going out for more drinks and conversation with some more of their friends. Celine would meet up with us later, so I was welcome to kick it with them until then. Oh my gosh again…this is crazy and awesome.
So I went with them. Nico made me scrambled eggs for dinner 🙂 (we had been discussing breakfast and I mentioned scrambled eggs and he said he had never had them so we decided we’d make them for dinner, haha) and then I tagged along with he and Lyz to a nice bar downtown where I met more of their friends. John-Phillip, Joe, Mimi, another John-Phillip and a few other people!! John-Phillip (who they call John-Fe) is gay and married to Joe. Joe didn’t speak English but both John-Phillips tried, and John-Fe especially was quite good and we had a nice little chat about Florida (his parents have a summer house there) and American slang and English comprehension. It was a wonderful night and way more than I had EVER expected, considering I came knowing next to nothing and no one.
We ended the night at a cute little dance club where, mainly the girls, enjoyed showing our moves on the floor 🙂 as the night progressed I thought more and more that Celine and I were quite similair and will get along great. Another girl and her French boyfriend also joined us at the dance club. Her name was Ema, I think, and she is from Maine, but is now living and working over here for a while with her boyfriend. She was also very friendly and fun to be around. Another really nice thing was all the girls were quite classy and not crazy, ridiculous, huge party people. Don’t get me wrong they could put away some drinks 🙂 but they kept themselves in check and I appreciated thier style.
Overall the night was fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome. Now I think it’s time to go brave the cloudy weather and find some breakfast. More stories to come, and love and kisses to you all 🙂


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