Oh COOl, love that girl

Another awesome nights sleep but this time in a borrowed bed, not a hotel. Let me explain. The hotel was wonderful, however I could only afford two nights there. And originally I had only planned to be in Biarritz that long, but then I met the sweetest, coolest people ever and it was insisted I stay longer. Haha. Celine offered her apartment and her bed to me for two night, and though I tried to offer something in return, she instead topped it off by even making me dinner and letting me take-over her table for a journaling/scrapbooking session. Seriously girls don’t get much more steller than her 🙂 luckily though, I was able to surprise Celine with a small boquett of flowers while she was at work and this made us both smile.
The past two days have been pretty chill because the weather has not been approved beach weather. I don’t know where it is written “when Rachel goes to the beach to catch sun and surf…let it rain and be super nasty” but I’m pretty sure it must be in stone somewhere because in the last week, in both beach cities, I have seen the sun maybe a few hours total!! Ick!! Anyway I have spent my time instead exploring Biarritz, talking and walking with my new friends, and taking photos because even in the rain the scenery is breathtaking.
Yesterday I enjoyed my afternoon with Nico, and then a few hours shopping with Lyz and Celine. After the stores Celine and I headed to her place and she made dinner, delicious carbonara pasta ;), and then we just chilled and chatted the rest of the night. We compared music, told stories, discussed boys and girls…a good night of female companionship! Haha.
What a joy and beautiful person Celine is. We are pretty sure we will have to get together again as soon as possible, so maybe I’ll go visit her while she’s hanging out in Australia this next year, or we would both enjoy a chance to escape to Greece for a little vaca. someday because neither one of us has been there.
Other delights include a fantastic skype session with my sissy two nights ago, hearing more and more people are reading and enjoying my blog, and the anticipation for today when Celine and I are going to take a small roadtrip into the French countryside!!
Because of the weather and lame waves I never got to go surfing again, but still I have to comment on how generous Nico was because, should the sun have come out, Nico had offered me both his extra board and wetsuit!! Again these people are great, and since even they insist they are not the typical French person, I feel so blessed that they have welcomed me into their lives for a few days.
Furthermore, these days of my trip have made me excited to get my own apartment or something when I get back and offer to be a couchsurfing host, because I love meeting fun people like this and I don’t want it to end just because my ability to travel does 🙂


One thought on “Oh COOl, love that girl

  1. I really enjoyed our chat this morning even if we didn’t get to use the skype video. I think your plans to go to Christine’s first before Interlaken is best. It will feel like family, oh wait, it is.
    Enjoy Bordeaux and Lyons!
    Love, Dad

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