Hello Sunshine…Goodbye Beach

Alrighty…so lets play a little catch up.  Starting from present and moving backwards…

But first I must announce…I think I have a rash developing and it is kinda creeping me out.  I have been extremely lucky and had no issues with food problems, or even a cold, and yet I think I would have preferred one of those over a rash because I never get rashes and I don’t really know what to do about having one.  I have tried to think back as to what I have done or eaten differently in the last day or so…but nothing is really sticking out.  Also, I am not really sure how long the bumps have been present (on my arms and neck) so I don’t know when to start my analysis from.  I did sleep in a kinda old seeming bed last night at the hostel I was in; and I ate some chocolates with ingredients written in French that I bought at a fancy chocolate making store…so maybe one of those things caused it.  It is kinda scary because I don’t know if it is bad or not, if I’m making a big deal out of nothing, or what even started it to begin with…so please keep it in your prayers that it would just clear up on its own because I can only imagine what kind of catastrophe it would be to have to go to a french pharmacy and try to get rash medicine when I don’t even know what has caused it.  Ahhh anyway…

My current location is Lyon, France and I am staying with Damien and his flat mate who opened their apartment up for couchsurfing.  This is my first shot at couchsurfing and so far it seems…interesting, but good.  The two guys are very helpful and were super eager to meet and talk with me.  Already they have let me take over the community computer in the living room to write this blog.  Truly I think it will be fine, the only thing I am slightly nervous about is the fact I will indeed be sleeping not on a bed, or really a couch, but rather a well-loved, flip-out chair/mattress contraption.  Haha this could be interesting.  Oh well, you can’t have a giant double bed all the time now can you.  (Still, THANKS CELINE, I slept wonderfully in the bed you so graciously gave me!!!)  Anyway, it should make for a good, unique time here in Lyon, and I will definitely keep everyone updated.

To get here, I carpooled through this super sweet program they have set up in France (and probably exists in the states also, I just have never heard about it).  What you do, or in my case what your stellar French friends do, is go online and look up the city you want to go to and the day, and then if anyone is driving that day they will post a price and information so that you can contact them and ride with them.  In my opinion it seems kind of like an organized hitchhiking program and it is flipping sweet.  I have done it twice now, once to get from Bayonne to Bordeaux, and then to get from Bordeaux to Lyon.  Both times I was in the company of some very friendly and quite talkative french people.  I enjoyed it and probably paid like a third of the cost compared to taking a train.

Now, on a bitter-sweet note…Bayonne and Biarritz were such wonderful little cities, enhanced triple because of the people I met there (and words can’t begin to describe how cool, sweet, generous, and fun they are)…thus it was ridiculously difficult to leave them behind.  Especially because I kept meeting new people every night.  I had originally just had the two nights in the hotel, then agreed to stay with Celine for two more nights, then on the second night we went out with some new people and I met the most enthusiastic and kind German girl who lived in Bayonne and wished for nothing more than to spend the afternoon with me the next day…so I stayed another night.  And I am so glad I did, because that day just like the others was absolutely perfect…and I can honestly say I wish, for more reasons than I can count, that I would have been able stay on there even longer!  The thought of never seeing these people again is horrifying and already I am trying to think of how we plan for our paths to cross again in the future…preferable the near future 🙂

But back to the current update; as I have said au revoir to the Basque country, its beautiful landscape, unforgettable friends, and hopefully all its RAINY RAINY days.

As I mentioned briefly before, I did spend an evening in Bordeaux…where it did also rain on me…but it was ok.  I had a good couple of cloudy, but not wet, hours to walk around and I found Bordeaux to be a beautiful city.  Currently it is in the works of setting up for a huge wine festival which will begin on the 24th of June and I found myself wishing that I could return then and share wine and good fun with my new friends…or possibly my parents…haha yes slightly different, but both all of them would be fun to attend a giant wine tasting festival with.

On the note of parents, and other delightful people I miss back home, I continue to hear of people following my blog…and some who I never expected!  So THANK YOU Mike Reed (family) and Susan Stephens (neighbor) and everyone else who is keeping track of me.  Please keep the comments coming…or at least say something to my parents because they will let me know and I will try to send you a special hello.  Truly it means a lot to know you are reading and hopefully having fun, laughing, and learning along with me.

Well, I do have more to say but since I just got to Lyon an hour or so ago, I really want to take advantage of my sunlight and go explore a bit.  Again, pray about my rash (haha) but seriously, and continued safe and fun travels.  I send my love out and will try to be back soon with more stories and possibly pictures.  Au Revoir for now 😉


4 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine…Goodbye Beach

  1. Read your passport! You can go to the doctors in foreign countries even w/o insurance in the US. I’m sure someone speaks english over there in the medical sector.

  2. Your are a riot Rachel. So funny to see my name on your blog. I was so sick the day I saw your Mom I barely remember telling her I was following your wonderful adventures. Living my college day dreams through you of wishing to travel the world. 🙂
    Be safe though, you scare me sometimes. If I was your Mom I couldn’t read this until you were back. 🙂

  3. Let me know how you like couchsurfing! it can be really great! I’ve done it alot 🙂 and only had one unfortunate event haha

    enjoy france!!! and eat all the bread you can! the bagettes are cheap and soooo delicious!

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