A few days, the play-by-play highlights

Iyiyi…so I guess I have a bit of catching up to do considering its been a few days since I informed you of all the excitement in my life, haha just kidding, but really I’m sure everyone is dying to know what is new.  So, I am justing going to give some pin-point updates for the sake of time and should there be something you are interested in hearing more about please let me know.  The events that require further description I will definitely elaborate on, but this way you can kinda get a nice little play by-play:

Alright, so as you know i headed out from Bayonne to Bordeaux first via organized hitchhiking site.  Cool.  Bordeaux was cool and definitely warrants a return visit.

After a quick 24 hours in Bordeaux I caught my second carpool to Lyon. L.O.N.G. but the girls I rode with were very nice and I enjoyed the chance to chat with them a bit, and safe a little travel cash at the same time.

So, arrive in Lyon and meet my new and first ever couchsurfing hosts.  My hosts were two french guys.  One, Ludo, who is currently studying/interning to be a computer engineer and the other, Damien, working to become a psychologist.  Ludo was the one home at the apartment to greet me when I first arrived, and he is quite the character.  Very friendly, and funny, and loved to talk.  Apparently he didn’t usually speak much English, but his conversation was really quite advanced and we had a delightful first night as he guided me around Lyon.  He had said it was “my night” and I could pick were to go, so I decided we go to all HIS favorite places, which was an excellent choice because then he was extra excited to tell me about all the places we visited.  I liked learning about the town from him, and hearing what and where he liked to spend his time.  I also got to meet one of his friends which only added to the fun.

While in Lyon, I slept my nights on a fold-out chair thing, which was actually way more comfortable than I expected.  Luckily I had packed an extra sheet when I had left home (it had been suggested for some hostels) or I think sleeping might not have gone quite as well because they only had a comforter to offer besides the chair/mattress.  Still, make-shift is often the name of the game when traveling on a budget, so we worked it out.

The days in Lyon were rainy…and kind of began to get me down.  I have basically been followed around by a rain cloud since San Sebastian…so I am kinda tired of water from the sky…but I continued to trek around trying to make the most of the time I had.

My first full day in Lyon I spent walking around the city, visiting shops and open air markets, taking pictures, climbing up the little mountain to get to the Fourviere (which is one of the large Cathedrals in Lyon), observing the city-scape while eating a nice little sandwich, visiting the inside of the Cathedral (which was quite nice and a peaceful escape which was needed…it was nice to get some sweet God time in this cool building), and using the internet to catch up on updates, friends, and emails.

One funny/uh-oh moment that definitely needs to be described was when I decided to help the boys out a bit and wash some of the dishes…and appartently I the floor and cabinet while I was at it.  Here is how it went down:  I am facing a sink full of dishes, and since I like cleaning I am actually kind of excited to accomplish this task.  I start filling up the sink and squirting soap on stuff and having a merry little time.  As I am filling the sink I notice this handy little “safety drain” on the side of the sink…you know the little holes towards the top of the sink that water flows into when the water level rises because the drain is plugged.  They allow the sink to be full of water, but not too full, because rather than the water overflowing from the sink it is able to flow down another pipe.  Anyway, i think they are cool Cool…and naturally I let the water get high enough that it has to flow down this drain because I it is just that neat.  BUT HOLD UP!!!  A few seconds after the water rises to the “safety holes” I hear this very load water fall sound…and I freeze.  What is that sound…the water doesn’t sound like its going down a drain it sounds like it is flipping spilling falling right on to the floor.  I look down, but nothing is on the floor…yet.  Still the water is definitely splashing and falling and I know it is leaking SOMEWHERE.  Quickly I open the cabinet under the sink and…sure enough water is pouring out of the supposed “safety drain” into a strainer and the bottom of the cabinet, and by this point flooding out onto the floor in front of the cabinet….AAHHHH.  The “safety drain” was a fake…NOT COOL!!  Here  I am chill’n in someone elses house, and trying to do something helpful and nice and instead I am about to flood them out.  Haha.  It was quite comical…even in the moment.  Thankfully the water only spilled out for a few seconds or so before I quickly realized, via the waterfall sound, there was a problem and turned off the water.  Next I hunted down a towel that looked ok to throw on the floor, and mopped up the little puddle that had formed.  Oh geeze, how do I manage these things.  Luckily when the boys got home and i told them the story they didn’t seem to bothered by it.  The dishes were clean and the water was dry by this point…so no harm done:)  Oh funny.

That night the boys fixed dinner for myself, themselves, and Damien’s girlfriend who also joined us.  Briane, Damien’s girlfriend, was English…so it was nice because all of us could talk and speak together and joke about learning languages and travels and such.  We concluded the evening with what else…a marathon of Flight of the Concord videos.  Oh Geez, if anything could bring these boys and me together…leave it to the FOTC and their Foux Du FaFa….hahahahah

It was wonderful because the boys always slept kinda late in the morning, so I had the first hours of the day to chill on the computer and just relax.  This second day more couch surfers were arriving mid day, so after running to the train station to get my tickets for the next, we went back to the apartment and waited for them to arrive.  Once they had made it safely and unloaded their bags, the four of us (the two new couch surfers, myself, and Damien) all went out to see the city a bit more.  It was WONDERFUL because the SUN was finally out and this made everything a little brighter.  Damien showed us these old passages, trabouls, that had been used in days past to transport everything from silk to people between the buildings without going into the streets.  I split off from the group at one point and caught a bit of a small outdoor summer concert, and walked down to some neat bridges and other buildings I had missed on my first day.

In the evening I returned to the apartment and chatted with my sister and friends on facebook for a while.  That night, after the other csurfers got back from the concert they had attended, they put on their own mini concert…as Damien and the male couchsurfer could play the guitar and ukulele.  It was quite enjoable…and then finally night came…and I was glad for this too because that meant in the morning I would be headed to see my sweet cousin in Switzerland…and lets just say I was SO READY to get to Switzerland and just unload for a bit and be with family.

When the morning of the 21st came, I was up, packed and to the train station by 9:15, with about 15 minutes to spare before my train would depart.  With relief I boarded my first of three trains and was ready to be wisked away to the Alps and my sweet cousin who would be waiting for me in Lucerne…or would she, haha, little did I know what the day had in store 🙂


One thought on “A few days, the play-by-play highlights

  1. Know you are having fun… I did this years ago and loved it. I heard of your trip while in San Fran with your mom. Our dad’s work for the same Co. we are in Phoenix…your mom shared this with me and I love reading your stories…We will continue to pray for your safety and have fun! Look forward to more stories. Catch those god moments they will be what you remember as well as the people…

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