The Highs and the Lows

Though I would rather be writing this from outside, next to Zurich lake or something…hopefully my time at the Eurorail ticket office will pay off. With just a little under a month left I still have plenty to travel and people to see. Ahh it is all going so fast…and thankfully I will be meeting back up with Christina in a couple weeks or today would be SO much harder ;). I have loved every minute of staying with my cousin! But probably my favorite day was Saturday because we traveled together to Lucerne and then up to the top of one of the mountains. I believe the name was Pilatus or something like that. Anyway the view, weather, conversation, everything was beautiful. We chatted about how Stina got where she is and encouragement for me to keep discovering and growing. She seems to have such an optimistic and clever outlook on life and it has been so revitalizing to be around her.

While on our trek/cable-car ride into the mountains, I think it is important to comment on us saving a church, graveyard, and probably ALL of Lucerne from a horrible fire. That is right…Stina and I are heroes 🙂 What happened was, we were walking through this very elegant graveyard behind a little church in Lucerne because the path up to the mountain starts behind it. As we were walking along I smelled something burning. I thought it was not a very pleasant incense or candle…and began glancing around to find the source. Then I saw this patch of plant in front of one of the tombstones smoldering and smoking. Honestly I still didn’t know if this was planned or not, maybe they did special burial things I didn’t know about. Finally I said “is that supposed to be burning like that?”. And Christina was like, “What? Where? Ahhhhhh. No!” and she walked over with her hefty hiking boots and stomped it out. Oh what an event. There were two bystanders to witness our grand deeds, and while they did not give us any medals they did seem quite impressed with our skills, which I could tell by their comments “oh….dear.” “wow.” (or maybe i am being sarcastic and just kidding…they both seemed quite dazed and as if they had seen a bird fly by or some normal event, rather than two girls stomping out a fire in a cemetery :))

The rest of the trip up the mountain was more relaxed. Although we did get lucky, Christina said it was a rarity, to see a mama shtinebock and her two babies!! They were quite cute and it was neat to see them walking and running across the steep mountainside.

Yesterday, Sunday, was also a nice day of going to the lake, meeting more of Christina’s friends, BBQ-ing, and roller-blading…hahaha roller-blading. Soo that was a fun experience, um, or not so much. I probably had not had a pair of roller-blades on my feet in years, but it sounded fun and I thought awww I’ll give it a go. Well, go I did, it was the stopping part I struggled with. Anyway, I stuck it out for a while and continued to get more and more comfortable on my blades. We had left the lakeside now and had arrived at Stina’s friends house. There neighborhood was under construction so even in areas with pavement there was also gravel. Well I’m sure you can guess where this is going. I started down the path and was trying to talk and listen to Christina, who was actually trying to give me blaring tips at the time, when tragedy struck. I was going faster and stopping was never a strong skill of mine, and then the gravel came and my blades slipped out in front of me and I couldn’t have just landed on my butt, but had to slide across the gravel on it. It was lovely, a bit bloody and covered in tiny rocks and stinging like heck. I do believe I yelled a bit and stomped my other foot and did my best to not cry, which I was successful at until later when I finally just broke down from the pain and I think just being tired. Anyway it hurt bad, but luckily my sweet cousin and her stellar friend, Connie, helped clean me up. There is nothing to help you get comfortable with a new person faster than needing them to help clean cuts on your upper leg and butt. It’s like “hello, nice to meet you. Could you help me out with my backside injuries.”. Oh geeze. And then I had to walk around with part of my shorts tucked up so I didn’t get the medication on them, and thus felt like I was hanging out. It was indeed a memorable experience and I’m sure Connie, John, and little Jackimo will remember me because of it, haha.


One thought on “The Highs and the Lows

  1. Hey Rachel, I thought you were going to be back around the first of July. Sounds like you’ll be gone another month. Must be having the grandest of times. You’ll come back the experienced world traveler. Lucerne was one of my favorite places during my European travels & I too went up Pilates. The travel across the lake was gorgeous. Glad you didn’t break anything during your roller blade escapade; hope your bum burn heals fast so you’re not too uncomfortable during the rest of your travels. Look forward to hearing some exciting stories when you get back to the gym. Ciao, Cindy Meek

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