Interlaken, suited up and ready to ride

Interlaken, Switzerland…what can I say…beautiful, totally worth the visit, exciting, expensive, haha loved it. The town itself isn’t much beyond two train stations, a giant green space, all the outdoor adventure activity booths you could as for, and plenty of tourist trap shops. But after you have payed your fees (which depending on what you are doing can easily mount) the keys to adventure and breathtaking landscape is yours.
The hostel I stayed at in interlaken was great. The people were very helpful with setting you up with the companies for the excursions you wanted to do as well as suggestions about what to do and where to hike. After pouring over all my options and weighing the options and prices I decided to go canyoning and ice climbing. Um best decision of my LIFE!! Well actually as it turned out I didn’t get to go glacier climbing because they didn’t have enough people, but canyoning was amazing.
Some of you right now be asking yourself…canyoning, what is that? Well let me tell you!! It is a pure adrenaline adventure similair to whitewater rafting…only you have no raft. Heck yes that is right. You are given a full-body wetsuit, plus a wetsuit jumper, a super padded lifevest, water socks and boots, and of course a helmet. Once you get going screams and smiles are supplied by you ;). With all this gear on you are taken to the top of a mountain and then via jumping, sliding, repelling, and hiking you make your way down the river and mountain. The water was freaking freezing and that first jump into the water literally took your breath-away, but boy was it awesome. I had considered skydiving, but due to the extreme price and wanting to do other thing I had decided not to, and honestly I think canyoning was way more intense because instead of getting up your forage once…you have to do it again and again. And some of these rock slides you swear you are just going to end up smashed up at the bottom…but you don’t, rather you end up with lots of water up your nose and an incredible feeling of conquering a feat!! Seriously, such a cool experience. The canyoning tour lasted seven hours and it was myself, one other girl, the female photographer, and about ten guys. Haha it was a blast! Hands down one of the coolest things I have EVER done. That night a lot of the guys I went canyoning with met up at another hostel that has a little downstairs bar, Balmers, and we hung out some more, laughing, drinking, and chatting about life and outdoor sports 🙂
So I did that on Tuesday and Wednesday I was supposed to go glacier climbing, but as I said that got canceled…so instead I caught a train up to another mountain town, Grenalwald, and had an intense day of hiking. I actually liked out because on the train I met another solo hiker so we decided to trek out together, and this turned out to be a huge joy. The guy, David, was visiting Switzerland with his girlfriend but she had business conferences that day so he was on his own to hike and photograph. David reminded me a lot of a co-worker I used to have in one of the architect firms I had worked for, and we got along quite well, with easy flowing conversation and similar hiking ability :). We totally dominated the trails around the Grindelwald-Grund area, catching sight of all things Swiss and all things beautiful: waterfalls, cows and goats with bells, forest, flowers, rocks, city, sun, etc. It was a fantastic day of outdoor-ness but my feet were quite excited to rest that night after completing our estimated 6.5 hour hike up and down the mountain scapes. I had thought I might hang out with a friend I had made that night, but he ended up not being able to, which was kind of a relief because my body needed some rest so I called it an early night and hit my bunk.
I was planning to leave Interlaken Thursday day to go back to Zurich, but due to some issues with misplacing my key…I ended up sticking around another day, which turned out quite interesting, but non the less good. So what happened to my key, well I had gone into talk to my new friend who works in a paragliding place, he’s an instructor, and during our conversation I had set my keys down and then as we were walking out of the office he mistook them for his and picked them up without me realizing. Then I go back to my room…and I am keyless. I explain at the front desk and they said it would be 30 franks to replace it. But I knew I had just had it. We were able to get back in the paragliding office and look, but they were not to be found. It was about this time I began thinking maybe he had grabbed them, but I wasn’t sure…but getting desperate and knowing they had to be around here somewhere I called Him and asked if he had my key. Clearly he thought this was a silly question, but didn’t actually check and just said to look in the office again. Cool. So I still thought he might have them, but I didn’t push it and decided I would just stick around longer and see if we could look when we got back. Besides staying meant I had longer in the Alps and that sounded good. So I bought a ticket to go up one of the mountains on the edge of interlaken to an Alpine garden. The train that takes you up is an old style, and moves slow but gives great views as you are traveling up the incline.


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