Don’t Muck it Up ;) My Life as a Rock Star

So I censored the title a little bit…but basically that was the encouraging phrase my fellow canyoning companions and myself heard from our very sympathetic (haha not) canyoning guides.  Should anyone ask if we would be ok, or not get hurt, or should the guides be explaining how to properly do a specific jump…basically everything would be fine if you did what they said and didn’t, you know, it up.  Oh how comforting, haha, but if you have ever done white-water rafting or any kind of extreme outdoor sports you will find this type of humor, and language, common.  So I wasn’t too worried…most of the time 🙂

Seriously though, it was the ride of a life-time and I LOVED it.  Such a rush, and you feel so awesome, though your nose might sting a bit from all the water forced up it, every time you surface after a jump or slide.  It was wicked fun!!

Also, the Rock Star comment comes from my helmet.  Everyone was able to pick their helmet and thus their name for the day…and what better name to go canyoning with than ROCK STAR 🙂


2 thoughts on “Don’t Muck it Up ;) My Life as a Rock Star

  1. Somebody got some great shots! Looks extreme & lots of fun. Can’t wait to hear about it. Cindy Meek

  2. The photographs are fantastic. It looks like a blast except there’s not many things I despise more than a plunge in cold water, especially over and over! If someone could please heat Interlaken’s canyon water to at least 90 degrees or so I would definitely be in for the ride! Thanks for the post. Enjoy the time you have left and thanks for the great post on canyoning and amazing pictures.

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