Yo Johannas, Yo Germany

My last full day in Mulheim with Johannas was just as wonderful as all the days I had spent in his company and generosity before. He took such good care of me and provided plenty of fun and relaxing things to do. From kayaking, to watching movies, motorcycling, to road-tripping to Belgium…we did quite a lot and had a blast doing it, if you asked me. I must comment on some of the funny things my sweet German friend said and that happened while we were together:

like when we were going to kayak and he sceptically asked me if I could paddle straight, haha, what kind of a question is that? Well…I couldn’t haha…atleast not at first. Also, the first time I used the bathroom, naturally, I locked the door. The lock was a bit tough and easily got stuck so I had quite a time getting back out. When I exited Johannas yelled from the other room “You don’t have to lock the door…it’s not like I’m going to come in there and surprise you.” ahhh good to know, haha.

Anyway, for our last day together we made a full day of it. We started the morning by hiking up a mound that existed because of the mining that had thrived in the area just a few years ago. It used to be just a pile of ground dumped as no use to the minors, but then they came in and added ladscape and cultivated it and now it is a nice little park. You can walk up to the top where an artistic platforl is installed and from there look out over the city. From here we drove to the Krupp family plantation, for lack of better word. We toured the old Krupp mansion…beautiful woodwork and quality design. Then after a lite picnic lunch we walked over to rent a paddle boat so we could paddle out on the lake to the little artist made islands that were installed on the water. After our exploritory morning we headed back to the appartment to chill, and watch movies and Johannas had to write a paper. This was nice and I enjoyed having a few down hours. About 8 we decided to head out on the bike for an evening ride to Dusseldorf…so perfect!! The weather was great for riding and the sunset we saw was beautiful. I absolutely LOVED riding with him, though the first time I had been quite a bit more nervous and basically was stuck to him the entire time. Haha. This time I was able to relax more and enjoy the ride while also giving Johannas room to breath 🙂 It was wonderful and I’m going to miss riding when I get home…so if you have a motorcycle let me know and we can go out 🙂


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