The Jakobsens

Meeting the family and family friends totally rocks!! I got into Fredericia last night where I was greeted by Mama Karen Jakobsen and cousin Christina. They quickly whisked me away to the “summer house” where the rest of the family, a world cup game, food, and fun awaited me. Though I was a little nervous at first it went so well and everyone seemed so excited to have me, but also it seemed so natural and normal and not like some huge production because I was there and I liked that. We all sat around in the summer house watching as Spain and Germany battled it out for playing in the finals. In addition to the four Jakobsens and myself, cousin Ulrik’s girlfriend, Karina, was in attendence as well as Christina’s friend Marietza and her adorable baby Sam. Together we had a grand time watching the game and talking back and forth about my travels, plans for the next few days, and other random topics of interest.

I slept at the summer house with Christina, baby Sam, and Marietza last night and in the morning we were brought breakfast by Frode. We were joined at breakfast by the chimney sweep and his stunning little daughter, daddy’s helper for the day, Samoa. Samoa could speak very nice English and we enjoyed a little conversation over rolls and coffee. Stina says being a chimney sweep is considered one of the most romantic jobs, and this brought on conversation about the annual chimney sweep convention and the fact he could hardly ever get his hands fully clean :). I must also comment that all the people sitting at this table had the most beautiful, from clear to deep, blue eyes!! It was captivating.

Today I got to look at the family tree and was able to deduce that Christina and I are third cousins once removed. Actually my Father, and his brothers, are third cousins with Ulrik and Christina. Thus making me one generation down from the third cousin connection…so you see, third cousins once removed.


One thought on “The Jakobsens

  1. Hoi Cuz,

    Where are you now and what are you up to?

    Finally got time to make tea and dive into your fantastic blog (Patrick was reading it this morning whilst eating his Kellogg’s and I was getting ready for work). You are such a good writer! Too! And thanks for the sweet words … they really moved me. You know I am here for you if you should ever need me!!

    TGIF! Just put another hectic week behind me – but did manage to jump into the Zuri-lake 3 evenings this week to cool down this week. Patrick is out on a boyz night tonight and I am happy to have some me time in my little flat. Tomorrow we are driving to Montreux for a lovely weekend including Katie Melua concert and mountain biking. I’m so looking forward.

    So curious to hear more from you. Must have been a good time in Denmark since you barely have found time to write?!

    Love you lots,
    Your Cuz Christina

    PS I am so proud of you…. Proud that you have had the courage and will power to throw away the bow line, sail away from the safe harbor and dream, live, explore,,,,,

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