Langland: the island of my ancestors

The afternoon after Christina and Maritza caught the train to Copenhagen I was treated to the special experience of getting to visit the island where my great great grandmother grew-up!! How cool is that. I also met more of the family, two of Frode’s sisters. It was quite interesting to see the house and know this is the beautiful, quite countryside where my family’s roots are founded.
Before getting to the island we also made a quick stop at Hans Christian Anderson’s house/museum. Ever heard of: The Princess and the Pea, Thumbellina, or The Little Mermaid ( not the Disney version)? Well he is the famed Danish author responsible for those classics as well as many other stories, poems, and works of art.

Kopenhaven Day One
I arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday after barely making the train (Ulrik, Karina, and I indeed ran through the train station to get me there on time) and met up with Christina for what would be our last couple hours together…in regards to this trip to Europe. We spent our time together enjoying a scenic and historical boat ride through the canals and along the coast of the city. It was ridiculously hot, but a nice way to get introduced to lots of the main points of interest in Copenhagen. Eventually the time came for us to say goodbye and we did so without too much fuss, because it’s easier to just do it and not drag it out or make it feel too final. Still I did watch her as she walked away…I am so thankful for and blessed by my time with her 🙂
On my own again I spent the rest of my evening roaming around. I took a tour of the newly refurbished Crown Prince’s House where current popular Danish painters had been commissioned to paint murals on some of the walls through-out the house. Pretty sweet. As the day wore on I began to get a bit hungry, and very thirsty…I settled for a banana and a fruit cider from a 7eleven, haha, and took them down by the New Theater building and a boardwalk area along the water. When I got there I saw they had a huge screen set up for watching the world cup games, and tonight was the match for third and fourth place between Germany and Uruguay…I had actually thought i might find a bar or somewhere to watch the game, but this looked more fun. Still I didn’t know if you had to pay or have tickets or something to get into the area.
Finally I got up the nerve to ask the girl sitting next to me if she knew anything about watching the game in the designated area. She said the area was open to anyone…and then we continued to talk and get to know one another a bit. Her name was Jessica, she was waiting for some friends to join her to watch the game, and by the time they had arrived she had invited me to join them. That was sweet. And even better…her friends were really cool too. The evening turned out to be great, really relaxed and enjoyable…watching the game and just chilling with more new fun people.
I had to leave a bit before the game so I could go meet Ditte, the distant family member kind enough to take me in for a night because Helle and her family wouldn’t be able to host me until the next night. Ditte is 21, no more distant than my 4th cousin :), and absolutely awesome. I’m pretty sure if we had grown up closer together we would be great friends by now. And it only took us getting over our “first meeting jitters” before we were getting along just peachy.


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