To say the least…

Ahh…everyone I am so sorry to have left you in the dark about all the wonderful things I have been experiencing and seeing in these past few days.  The time I had in Denmark with the Jakobsens, Nielsons, and Lassens was…to say the least…AMAZING.  I did manage to make a few quick notes and posts on my ipod, but I have yet to connect on wifi and upload them…so you will have to settle with a super-quick update for now.  Once again I am restricted to “pay as you use it” internet.  Therefore, I have a limited amount of time to tell you a heck of a lot.

I’ll start with the most current, and fill you in about Denmark and my familia a bit later.  I am now in London, and while I do think it is a lovely city…I believe I have reached my fill point as far as traveling out of a backpack, changing locations every couple of days, and wearing the same clothes goes.  I pretty much get a little-bit sick every time I have to look at the same old outfits and decide which one to wear.  Right now I don’t want to see any of them, haha, ick.  Its not that they are dirty or smelly or anything.  They are generally quite clean…but I have been wearing them in rotation for the past 3 MONTHS, and I am ready for a change.  Tomorrow I might have to splurge and by myself a nice new shirt from some cute shop here in London.  Well we shall see.

Still, though I might be excited to fly home…I absolutely hate to be leaving Europe and all the delightful things I have seen, experienced, the people I have meet and even grown to love, and the lifestyle I have grown accustomed to over here.  I know I can come back, and I know the memories will come with me…but everything fades with time, and who knows when the next chance will be for me to come back.  So, I am overtaken by a bit of sadness just thinking about flying back over the Atlantic, and this beautiful trip coming to an end.  I know I will probably have huge withdrawals from my vagabond lifestyle for the first week or so after I get home.  So, anyone around the Tulsa area, please be patient and kind if I try to tell traveling stories over and over 🙂 haha.

Anyway though, enough lamenting and thinking for now, how about a few more details from my day.  Well, I rolled into London late last night…arriving at the Hostel around 11:00.  Since I am in a HUGE dorm room with like a million people, ok 14, but it feels like a million, I had to stubble around in the dark trying to unpack, orient myself, and then get ready for bed.  How fun.  Luckily a lady came in and at least showd me where the light for the bathroom was, which was not at all close to the bathroom door.  haha.  Eventually I had finally gotten to sleep, and despite the rather uncomfotable mattress, slept quietly until it was time to get up in the morning.

After getting ready and organizing things a bit more conveniently in my locker, I headed out to find a bank where I could exchange my euros and danish money for pounds.  I must insert here…what is the deal with me and visiting like every country NOT included in the EU or too cool to use the Euro?  Seriously…Denmark, Switzerland, England…anyone else want to play the “we don’t except Euros” game?  Ok, good.  Anyway, I got directions to a Barclays but somehow managed to miss where it was, so I decided to just head to the free walking tour I had received a flier about instead, and see if they could also help me with finding a bank afterwards.  The tour was great and led me around to a lot of the key places to see in London.  What’s more I got signed up for a tour of Old City London for tomorrow, so that was sweet.

Ok, well believe me…more will be coming soon…sorry to run but my computer will cut me off soon…I send my love, and appreciate the prayers and continued interest I am still receiving.  You all might start brainstorming or at least telling me, what should I do when I get home?  What will become of my blog?  Some ideas on subjects or if you would even be interested in reading it if I’m not traveling…let me know 🙂 Kisses!!


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