Out of the Old and into the New…Englands that is :)

Hello friends, family, and random followers 🙂 I have landed and been enjoying the hospitality of my original traveling partner Tyler these past few days in Boston.  I flew out of London Heathrow around 3:15 on Tuesday, the 20th of July, and touched down around 6 p.m. (flying time about 7 hours) that evening in New England, where once again Tyler was waiting to greet me.  I had already demanded he give me a hug and two side kisses, just like they do in Europe, and I think probably just to make me smile…he did…personally though I am pretty sure he hated the side kisses 🙂 haha.  Anyway, Tyler was thrilled to have me staying with him because he LOVES Boston and is so excited to share all his favorite places with someone who has never experienced them.  Honestly, the boy gets so pumped about taking me around town, showing me old sports bars, and telling me about random Boston (usually sports related) facts.  I am just happy to have someone taking ME places and all I have to do is follow.  I have had enough of planning for a while, so it is nice to have someone deciding what my day will entail.  Also, because Tyler is a known lover of sleeping in…I have been able to catch up on some of my overdue sleep as well.  This way, hopefully, when I get home I will be able to be a bit more productive with organizing pictures from my trip and figuring out my life…haha…instead of sleeping for the first couple of days.  But either way, some relaxation is in order.  Now some of you might be thinking…WHAT?  Haven’t you been on vacation/hiatus these past three months?  What are you talking about needing relaxation?…Well, I might have been on vaca. but traveling around for three months out of a backpack and deciding what to do, where to go, how to spend money, when to catch trains, where to book a hostel, and on and on…kind of takes it out of you.  Plus, even though I was not in school, my senses have been overloaded with new knowledge, facts, images, thoughts, etc…so I need some down time to process all this.  Also, I have literally thousands of pictures I need to categorize and organize and then upload for all of you to see.  It is kind of like the icing on the cake.  You have heard all about the things I have been doing and seeing, and now you can actually visually experience them yourselves. So, now do you understand why I might need a little chill time when I get home?  And along the same lines…don’t mark this blog off your favorites sites just yet, haha, because plenty more is still yet to come.

Anyway, I will be here in Boston, prolonging my return home just a little bit longer, until the 25th of July…and then I will take a nice early flight back to the Mid-West, and my FAMILY.  Yay Mom, Dad, and Sister.  So excited to see them.  And KC too, and my bed, and my own shower, and my friends in Tulsa and Owasso, and a skype date with Sarah, and a job lead, and plenty more wonderful things.  On that note, please please PLEASE contact me if you are at all interested in talking or getting together…BUT i will warn you the first couple days back I don’t know how social I will be…but never the less I want to see, hear from, and chat with everyone, so we will make it work.

Ah, Boston…so far I have visited downtown, walked past Fenway Park, seen the oldest and the greatest sports bars, ate delicious pizza, had a yummy pastry from a notable pastry place, seen where Tyler works, slept :), met some of Ty’s friends, watched movies, slept some more, rode the metro, visited some parks, watched a street preformer…and maybe even a few more things.  It has been delightful.  Only one thing has happened that I feel just awful about, but was also kind of humerous…so naturally I will share it with you all.

Last night Tyler had to work, but I decided to go back to the apartment he stays in with three other guys and watch a movie.  No big deal.  This was fine.  Tyler gave me the keys and only asked that I promise I would be home when he got home.  Haha, like I was going to go out or something?  I laughed and said of course I would be home.  Well, I get back to the apartment, fiddle around for a while, and then decided to put on a movie.  Let me say here, I had slept probably 7 hours the night before, but before that I had been up for a good, solid 22 hours and only slept 5 hours the night before that…so I was kinda tired to say the least.  The movie started…and I crashed after about 30 minutes.

I am startled out of a deep sleep to hear the air-conditioning window-unit popping and tinging and making weird cracking noises.  I think “oh my gosh, it is going to blow up or something.”  I listen for a while, and then I think…actually it kind of sounds like things hitting the window…so I walk over and look outside, but I don’t see anything.  The light in the room is off too, and I am still kind of delirious.  I go back to the couch, and the popping noises start again.  Then all at once I sort-of come to and I think “holy cow, what time is it…Tyler is probably coming home soon.”  And then I very faintly think I hear someone yelling “RACHEL…GO OPEN THE FRONT DOOR!”  And it all becomes quite clear…someone IS throwing rocks at the window!!  IT’S TYLER!!  So i run to the front of the apartment and open the doors, and soon Tyler comes around…haha…looking a little put out to say the least and says in a less than lovely-to-see-you voice, “I am going to kill you…I have been home for like an hour and throwing rocks at the window for probably the last 30 minutes…”  Ooops.  I am SO SORRY!!!  I had not planned to fall asleep or realized I would sleep that long.  Oh, I felt awful.  But Tyler is a good guy, and he quickly forgives me and said if I would go start the oven so he could put some food in he would be happy.  I gladly do this for him, and in a matter of a few minutes he seems quite ok.  I rather lucked out because he made more money than he had expected from working the other night, so even though he was not so thrilled to have waited an hour to get into his house, he is ok with letting me off easy because he still feels positively from cashing out higher than anticipated.  Thank goodness 🙂  Still, I felt horrible for not being awake to let him in.  It is true I didn’t go out, at least not on the town, instead I just “went out” literally because I was sleeping like no other on that couch.  I mean it took him thirty minutes of throwing rocks before I finally came out of it.  Poor guy…at least I could appease him a bit by turning on the oven, and maybe today I can get a chance to make it up to him with a nice drink out or something.  Oh gosh…the silly things that happen 🙂

Well, I guess that’s about all for now.  I will rewind and update you all on Denmark and England, as well as get some pictures up, once I return to Tulsa.  I just wanted to let everyone know I have traversed the Atlantic safely, and will be arriving home shortly.  My trip has been nothing short of amazing and I have been so blessed by my experience in exponential ways.  I truly appreciate everyone’s prayers, interest, and encouragement…because without your support and dedication to asking for my health, protection, and enjoyment…I don’t think my trip would have gone as wonderfully or smoothly.  So thanks a heap.  I appreciate and love you all.  Hugs and Kisses from your traveling blogger 🙂


2 thoughts on “Out of the Old and into the New…Englands that is :)

  1. I am SO glad you are back safely. Had to have been an exciting experience and I am pleased that you chose to share it with those of us who were interested.

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