Back in the States…off the Edge of the World

Haha…so I have been back at home for a week now, and for those following instead of the excessive news and additional information I had promised…you found silence…but no fear!  I have not fallen of the edge of the world.  I have only been unbelievably busy trying to organize the over 8,000 (yes that’s right!) pictures I took during my European trip, while also adjusting to being back, meeting with friends in the Tulsa area as well as phoning and e-mailing, starting my job search, and visiting family.  So I do hope you can forgive me for my lack of blogging 🙂

Now, apologies and explanations out-of-the-way, how about some updates on what being back state-side has been like and how the trip home went.

After spending a few days in Boston with Traveling Tyler 🙂 I caught a three-flight sequence back to Tulsa, Oklahoma Airport.  Once I passed through the security doors there was my entire family (Mom, Dad, and Sister!) all waiting to welcome me home with a big, home-made sign.  Haha it was such a wonderful sight.  Hugs were prevalent and smiles on everyone’s face.  It was definitely nice to be welcomed back so warmly.

The next best parts included…walking into MY OWN room, showering in my shower, sleeping in my huge/comfy bed, enjoying a nice cup of American coffee, using MY own computer, starting to unpack and organize…and GOING WAKEBOARDING 🙂

Oh I had missed that wakeboard…and now riding it is even better because we got a new boat.  It is sweet!!  Yellow in color, lots of room to layout in the sun, and especially great for boarding because it has a tower so the boarding rope can be attached up higher…which means jumping is a bit easier.  Now last summer I had tried to jump some and I had achieved a bit of air a few times, but it was nothing compared to now.  Still, jumping wakes or doing anything special on a wakeboard is more about beating the headgame than having a rope tied up higher, but hey, every little bit helps 🙂  Anyway, I have now been out twice on this stellar new boat and have been growing more confident in my jumping…but I am still just a beginner and my jumps are more like hops, but hey…you have to start somewhere 🙂

This week my family and I are enjoying a “stay-cation,” since I am just returning from spending money in Europe and my family just spent money on the boat, so a nice little time together at home is what we all decided would be best.  Additionally, this past weekend we took the boat out to Lawton to visit my Grandma and entertain my cousins, aunt, and uncle.  It was fun to see them, chill on the boat, and of course describe and story-tell about my trip.


One thought on “Back in the States…off the Edge of the World

  1. Welcome home!!! I know your family is excited you are back… Please tell mom and dad hi form the AZ> Lappin family…my oldest, going into 9th grade….just wake boarded and loved it…time for us to get another boat too…have fun with the family…loved your stories…

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