One Staple, Two Staple, Three Staple, Four…Five Staple, Six Staple, thank God no more :)

So you would think the excitement and craziness would slow down once I returned home…but that is not the case.  Haha.  Not only have I been crazy busy reconnecting with people, visiting family, traveling, job searching, cleaning, etc…but I managed to fit an ambulance and helicopter ride, CT scan, and six staples into to my schedule too.  So for those of you who have not heard the story, want a bit more information as to what happened, or just want to hear it again…here it goes:

It was a beautiful Thursday morning and the Reed family (George, Kellie, Rachel, and Morgen) had all gotten up early and drove out to Skiatook lake for a wonderful day of water fun.  But after only a few brief hours of being out in the cool morning weather on the wonderfully peaceful lake, disaster struck…dun-dun-DUNNNN 🙂

I had been wakeboarding for a good 30 minutes or so and trying out my jumping skills.  I was becoming more confident and getting more air with each passing.  Then, I decided I wanted to break for a while, and I always try to get a good jump in before I climb back in the boat.  So I hop out of the wake, bend my knees and start heading back towards the wave.  As I am approaching my launching point I consciously decide I want to try to jump higher than usual…and whether I did or didn’t I will never know, but I DO know I landed WAY different than usual.  What I think happened is the front of my board came down first and at a strange angle…so instead of sliding on or into the water it was jacked back behind me and into my head.  Naturally, with no board underneath me…I fell forward and face-planted like no other into the lake. 

Not gunna lie, the pain was intense and I yelled out and groaned kind of until my family came back around with the boat.  By the time they got to me I had rubbed and cleared my eyes from the sting of being flushed out with lake water, and I had touched the back of my head to find out I was bleeding.  I had only touched my head with two fingers and they came back bloody, but I just assumed it was a scratch.  Then, after using my whole hand to grab my head because it was throbbing, I looked at my palm to see that it was completely colored RED…at this point I knew we might have a bigger problem.  Plus, my parents were worried already because I guess my nose waa bleeding some too.

Though I stayed aware and alert the whole time, I felt a bit light headed as I got back in the boat.  Mom and Dad looked at my bloody head and decided to head to an emergency help clinic not too far.  We got me some ice wrapped in a towel and I sat first in the boat, and then in the car, with a bag of ice pressed to the back of my head.  Because I wasn’t feeling great, and my arms got tired from holding the ice up all the time, I had to have some assistance at times 🙂

Attack of the Wakeboard

When we reached the clinic I walked in…like I said, it hurt, but I was still awake and could get around.  My mom talked to the lady at the window and started giving her all the information and such that is needed.  Let me tell you…what a process.  I mean here I was bleeding from the head and the lady is just sitting there like I was ordering a cup of coffee.  Anyway, while everyone in the waiting room was staring at me with my bloody towel clamped to the back of my head, the oh-so-helpful (yes that is sarcasm) check-in lady informed my Mom that she had all the information she needed and the doctor would be able to see me in an hour and a half to two hours!!!  WOW, how immediate and helpful!!  She replied that all the other people had to wait too…which is true and an understandable point, BUT while I do not generally encourage cutting in line, I must say here…HELLO!! how many of those other people waiting in the lobby are bleeding out of their head?  Just saying. 

Luckily, another nurse who had seen me come in and had over-heard some of the check-in asked me if I needed a new ice pack.  We said sure…and then when she came back with the ice she said she had talked to the doctor and thought it would be good to go ahead and put me in a room now and have my head looked at.  THANK YOU LADY!!!  At least someone was kind and observant enough to realize I was not just visiting the day-clinic with a cold or something.

So they got me in a room, talked to me a bit, took my vitals, moved me to another room, discussed a few more things, and then started to look at my head…and that was when I passed out.  I mean yes it hurt, but I think more of it was just the mental psych out, imagining the blood, listening to things they were saying, worrying that it was a worse than just a cut, and on and on.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Though I feel like I never fully passed out, everyone else said I did.  There was a point where I could hear everyone talking, but couldn’t really respond, and everything just felt hazy and sickening.  Apparently I went blank white and my blood level dropped DRASTICALLY.  Now this got the nurses and people excited.  They immediately started hooking me up to IVs and called the ambulance/helicopter transports to take me down to Tulsa.

When the EMTs arrived they put me on a BACKBOARD!!  I was all strapped in, neckbrace and all.  It wa quite an interesting experience, because, other than the few seconds I passed out when they were looking at my head, I was wide awake for the whole thing.  They tried inserting another IV too, but for some reason the size of needle they always attempted to use first didn’t want to go into my vain.  This probably caused me more pain at the time than my actual injury.  My head hurt, but having them poking around inside my arm trying to find my vain with their needle…yeah that doesn’t feel too good either.  Finally they gave up with that size, switched to a different size, and the things slid in like a charm…why they couldn’t have used that size first I don’t know, but oh well, they got it in, I was hooked up to liquids and medicine and we were good to go.

The ambulance ride went well, as did the heli ride.  During my helicopter ride they did ask me if I wanted any pain medicine and I said  yes…GOOD CHOICE.  The stuff they gave me on the ride was wonderful and I felt quite…happy, as I arrived at the hospital.

From there the events went pretty routine.  The nurses and doctor came in and talked to me, they inspected my head…I stayed conscious :), they took me in for a CT scan, declared no brain damage, numbed my head, stapled in 6 staples, gave me some medicine and directions, and hours after getting off the lake I was dismissed from the hospital to go home and rest.  WOW what a day.

These photos were taken a few days after the fact…and my hair gets in the way…but here they are anyway..

Staple times SixStaple times SixStaple times Six


2 thoughts on “One Staple, Two Staple, Three Staple, Four…Five Staple, Six Staple, thank God no more :)

  1. Wow! Just make sure you don’t shave your head anytime soon, and nobody could ever tell! Got a good story though.

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