The Day-to-Day…for now

Well, my Dad came home today and said it might be a good idea for me to update my blog since my last post was about my wakeboard crash 🙂  Haha, well I agree it would be good to let everyone know what is new and exciting…  I had, of course, planned to write before now…but I figure contacting potential employers and visiting my sister at OU before classes started required more immediate action than updating my blog.  And yet, I have missed writing my blog and getting fun messages in return 🙂  On that note, thank you all for the concern, phone calls, prayers, and messages I did receive regarding my head injury…I am doing quite well now.  I have been staple free since two Fridays ago, and returned to the water this past weekend, armed with a new blue helmet.  It felt good to be back out on the lake, but sadly, even though I tried to tell myself I was not mentally affected by my mishap…I couldn’t convince myself to try and jump.  Booo.  I truly had loved jumping, and it really bites because I had just started getting confident and feeling more adventurous…and then of course I had to go and crash.  Still, we should have a few more good weekends and chances to get back out on the boat, so hopefully I can try and work my nerves back up before the end of the summer.  Wish me luck with that 🙂  Maybe I can even get Mom to take a few good photos while I’m out there to post for your enjoyment.

Otherwise, my day-to-day life consists of searching for jobs, contacting potential employers, going to cross-fit, hanging with my parents :), and attempting to stay in touch with friends.  I have decided looking for a job is pretty much a full-time job on its own 🙂  But I would be more than happy to change this job for one where I actually earn money.  Therefore, if anyone would like to help in my searching or knows a job that might be a good fit for me feel free to contact me.  So, as a real quick plug to any of my followers who might also have some sweet job connections: I hold a Bachelors of Science in Design degree and I am hoping to find a design, art, communication type position.  I have applied for some assistant art director positions, digital content specialists, graphic/visual design, etc.  I love being creative and writing (obviously) and I am looking to find a job that combines both.  If anyone thinks they might know of an opening I would be a good fit for or be interested in…I would so appreciate you letting me know 🙂

Other new news…this past weekend I joined other Tulsans and surrounding area mud/sport enthusiasts for the fun of the TATUR Mud Run!!  The Tulsa firefighters were there to run the event, fill the mud pits with water, and spray all the runners off after we completed our muddy race.  And to make it better all the proceeds go to help children who have been victims of fires and burns; the entrance fee pays their way to attend a super fun summer camp specifically geared to burn victims…so because I ran in this race some little kid gets to go for free 😉  How cool.  And not just cool for them, but cool for me too, because this mud run was definitely a super delicious, messy time.  It had some great mud pits, a few crawl-on-your belly obstacles, a giant water-slide into a mud-pond…seriously what more could a girl ask for.  How about a great group of athletes from the Owasso Cross-fit gym to hang out, hydrate :), and laugh with!!  Such an enjoyable way to spend my Saturday evening.

Also, last Thursday I went to visit my sister before classes started up at OU.  She had lured me down there with the notion that I was going to meet this guy she thought I would really hit it off with…but I guess I will just have to make another trip to visit her sometime because I didn’t end up meeting him, haha.  Instead, my sister and I had a delightful time together and I did actually get to meet a certain young man she has been talking with lately, and all three of us had an enjoyable time discussing life, God, funny stories, and other random topics.  In addition to seeing my sister, I also got to spend a few hours with one of my past favorite work friends, Kerry.  We had worked together two summers ago when I was an architect intern at GH2 in Tulsa.  Now she is going to Grad school at OU, and I miss her not being close to Owasso anymore…so it was nice to see her for a bit.  We discussed our summers…I told her some about my trip…and she gifted me with four fun art posters as an early birthday present/welcome home gift.  I CAN’T wait to get my own apartment and hang them up.  Which of course brings me back to the needing a job issue, but hey.

Anything else…well, I STILL have my European adventure pictures to upload…again hoping to get that done soon.  Otherwise, I guess that’s all my updates for now.  It is getting late and the television is distracting me.  The main points to take-home from this post though would be: I am doing well after my wakeboard incident, the job search is on full-force, and even with no job and no traveling my schedule somehow gets ridiculously busy.  OH, last thing…this mornging I had an AWESOME devotional.  God is so good, and I am excited for him to rock my world and show me all the new things he has planned for me this next fall.

Psalms 118:5

Out of my distress I called on the Lord,

The Lord answered me and set me FREE!!


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