On a Friday Afternoon

And I thought I was bad about blogging while I was on my Europe trip…ha.  The thing was, what kept me from writing then, was I was so busy doing awesome stuff that I felt like any time I sat down to blog I might be missing out on some unexpected adventure.  On the contrary, now, I have times when I could easily be writing a nice blog entry…but I feel like there is NOTHING to talk about.  I mean, compared to the excitement I was sharing with my friends and family while I was on my trip, my day-to-day life is hardly a page-turner.  It leads me to wonder…what do people blog about all the time, because unless they have a crazy awesome, doing-something-new-all-the-time life-style…it would seem less than captivating.  But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I just think it is hum-drum, but other people would like to hear about my normal life right now.  Thus if in fact you are here reading this blog…I hope you enjoy it.

The updates as of late:

1. My job search continues.  I feel like I have been sending resumes and trying to contact people, network, and research employers for months instead of weeks.  It is SO discouraging to spend hours on the computer sending out letters and filling out applications never knowing if it will ever even get viewed by anyone that has an opinion that matters in the company.  On a positive note though, I did have an interview a week or so ago…but while it went quite well, and the employer complimented me on my work and self-presentation…the job was given to someone with the infamous “more experience.”  So, I continue pressing forward:)  I know God has a job/position for me in mind…it is just a matter of waiting it out.

I will actually be traveling to Dallas here in a week or so to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Plano, Tx and hopefully interview with some employers down there.  If anyone has some business connections in Dallas I would be thrilled to hear about them.

2. I was asked “what do you do all day” by a girl not long ago…and I truly felt like saying “nothing…” Which actually isn’t true and yet I do feel that way sometimes.  I mean, researching and working on finding a job is not nothing.  Working on art and drawing pictures is not nothing.  Working out and going to CrossFit…occasionally cooking for the family…not nothing.  Reading, e-mailing, talking with my family, helping out around the house…all these things are not nothing.  But I feel like because they are so typical, everyday things they don’t really counts as “something.”  This has led me to really dwell on how God called us to live for him even in the little things…the everyday, typical “nothing” things.  I try also to remember how, though some of these things feel futile now, at one point they will pay off and then I will realize the benefit.  I hope that day comes soon 🙂

3. I have started two bible studies…one is through the Church at Battle Creek and is usually held in Broken Arrow.  I have only attended twice, but the last time I went I had a really great time and met some new fun people.  Speaking of meeting people, it has been kind of tough to make new friends since I’ve been home.  And after going months were I was meeting new people like every day, it is strange to not have many people to call and hang out with.  Plus, I seem to have some uncanny ability to make friends with girls who are married.  This is ok, but considering I don’t even have a boyfriend…it just makes things a little different.  Still, it is always good to have fun girl friends, and I know the young women I have met lately are glad to have a girl they can chat, since usually they are just hanging out with their guy.  Anyway, back to bible studies.  The other bible study is really more like an accountability partner, and we meet every other week to discuss what we have been reading in our bibles, the book we are reading together (Mere Christianity), and life and God.  It has been such a blessing, truly, to have her around to talk with and be encouraged by.  My reading of the Bible is still far from where I would like it to be, but having Melissa around to check-up with me about it helps me be a bit more dedicated than I have been.

4. There is a guy I have kind of been interested in getting to know better…but I am waiting for him to actually do something about it before I really let myself think about it too much.  So far…yeah…not much is happening.  Well, actually he kind of confuses me because some days he acts in such a way that I think “hmm, maybe something could evolve from this…like a date.”  Then other days, I think, “I don’t even think he thinks about stuff like girls and dates” because he is so focused on his future and all the things he has going on.  Which I totally understand, I mean basically all I am doing right now is trying to figure out my future, job, and where I will live.  For all anyone knows I could be moving out of Owasso, Tulsa, Oklahoma…in a couple months.  Oh well, we will see.  At least I can count him amongst my new friends in the Owasso/Tulsa area.  And as I said earlier, it is nice to be meeting a few new people.

5. I have started doing some “content management” work for a website designing company out of Broken Arrow.  I met the owner at my TCABC bible study, and after some discussion he said he could use me for updating some of his websites 🙂  Actually I am stoked about this.  It may not be design work, and it isn’t full time, but it gives me something to do, gets me working, and earning a little money…which are all EXCELLENT things.  Plus, the guy who ones the company, Cullen, seems really cool, patient, and fun to work with.  I’m excited to get going with it.  If you by chance are interested or need a website remodel, or a website at all, you can check it out at http://www.innovatedmedia.com/ and maybe we can help 🙂

Well, I need to get back to my usual list of things to do.  When I get my powercord back maybe I will upload some more photos from this summer to the blog.  Otherwise, I will brainstorm on what-else I can blog about, because I really do enjoy doing it.  If anyone has some interesting topics they would like me to cover…please send them my way and I will see what I can do 🙂  Have a lovely Friday evening!!!


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