Cheer, Cheer…Fall is here

Oh what a lovely lovely fall weekend this has been!  Saturday the weather was beautiful, which was just what Mom ordered because it was pre-planned clean-the-yard-and-outside-of-the-house day!!  Whoo-hooo (slight sarcasm) ;)I was given the exciting jobs of clearing weeds out from the flower beds, trimming the lower limbs off some of our garden trees, and cleaning the outside of the ground floor windows.  And man did I dominate at them!!  Really, it was a productive day and since the weather was so nice, with all three of us working together, it was actually rather enjoyable.  Plus, the house looks so GOOD now.  After cleaning most of the morning I took a few hour break or so before starting on cooking dinner for the family.  I had selected some new recipes, a curry vegetable medley and tuna-cakes, to prepare for the meal…and with the help of Mother was able to pull-off a very delicious and healthy dinner 🙂 

After dinner, I decided to really make the most of my Saturday night and went to meet my friend and Crossfit coach Laurie to listen to her husband and his band play at Bakers St. in Tulsa.  Now, let me just say…that place is FUN and the band, Uninvited Guest, was Great!!  I had a blast just hanging out, listening to music, and people watching 🙂  I hadn’t ever been to Bakers before and I am so glad I decided to go!!

Still, going out on Saturday makes for an early morning on Sunday, especially when you have a bike ride planned and you are leaving at 8:30 in the morning 🙂  But it too turned out just wonderful.  The weather was a bit cooler and overcast compared to the day before, but thankfully no rain, and therefore was a fantastic day for riding.  I joined my neighbors, Emily and Randy, and their friend for a delightful little trek from Sperry to downtown Tulsa and back.  It was a lot of fun.  Plus, when we reached downtown we stopped at the Blue Dome Cafe and had a yummy little breakfast.  My parents joined us at the cafe too 🙂  It was a fantastic way to start my Sunday, and hopefully this next week.

This next week is looking like it could be a busier one, with scheduled meetings with friends, bible studies, doctor appointments, job searching, and website content managing.  Plus, the seasons are changing and I definitely need to make time to really enjoy the splendid-ness that is fall.  Soon the leaves will be changing colors and beginning to float to the ground.  Ahhh…I love fall.  I am super looking forward to buying a pumpkin soon too and carving it up.  Well, I had better get to doing some other things for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week too, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon 🙂


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