It’s been a hot minute…

So needless to say quite a lot has happened since I last blogged.  Which is saying a lot since before that really nothing had been going on thus there wasn’t much to write about.  Anyway, I come to you now from Dallas, and this would be my second time down to the big D since the beginning of October.  I arrived earlier this month for a nice two-week stay with my Aunt and Uncle, the primary purpose being to conducting important job investigations and pursue networking opportunities.  After a relatively insightful but still job-offer-less two weeks I headed back to Oklahoma to enjoy a little OSU homecoming festivities with the family and rest-up a few days at home before coming back to Dallas for a planned job-shadowing arrangement.  However, God was looking out for me, and as I arrived in Stillwater I received a text about a job position at one of the companies I had toured while down in Dallas.  Ahhh so exciting.  They wanted to know if I could come in for an interview, which worked out wonderfully since, as I said, I was already scheduled to head back down to Texas in a few days.  Whoo-hoo. That was job potential number one. 

At the same time that path was opening up, I had a positive return from another application I had sent in a few weeks earlier.  A few e-mails back and forth eventually progressed to a phone interview and next I will be headed over to Missouri for a face-to-face interview at the company this upcoming week. 

Things are beginning to develop, and it feels exciting.

However, with all good comes the bad (well it doesn’t really NEED to, that just seems to be the way it goes sometimes, haha) so naturally I had to pick up a nice little stomach flu on my way back to Dallas.  I picked this gem up thanks to my over-night stay with my little sis who had been sick the day before I arrived to stay with her.  I didn’t really understand just how sick she was until I was at her place and she was telling me.  But of course by this time I was already there, and anyway she was feeling much better, so we both didn’t think much more of it. Well we should have, because sick I did get.  And it kind of came about in one of those humorous-but-not-so-humorous-at-the-same-time kind of ways…

Luckily I made it through Wednesday just fine and dandy, which was SUPER important because I had my first set of actual interviews at the Dallas company that day.  But then Thursday arrived, which was supposed to be the day I would meet with the lady and job shadow her.  So, there I am all dressed up and feeling a bit unsettled in my tummy but trying to just grin and bear it.  I really didn’t think I was THAT sick, and I figured I’d just tough it out.  I hop in my car and begin the drive down to Dallas…and every mile I seemed to feel worse and worse.  Finally, I decide, knowing my sister had been sick and just wanting to play it safe, I had better call the lady and cancel our plans.  By this time I was already in down-town Dallas, but it didn’t matter any more…I felt BAD.  So I call her, tell her I don’t really feel well, and we plan to rain-check on it.  Well that was good, but I still felt kind of like a sissy for giving into whatever icky-ness I was experiencing.  That soon gave way though to thinking “wow I totally made the right decision” because not probably ten minutes after talking to the lady did I have to basically cut a car off so I could pull into a gas-station parking lot, open my door and get sick all over the pavement next to my car.  Now…let me tell you, there are few other experiences as humbling as stopping in Uptown Dallas to spew in front of numerous people in expensive cars.  Oh, life is interesting.

After that I was able to compose myself enough and drive all the way back to Plano and my relatives house…where I basically went up stairs and stayed in my bed, other than to get sick, for seriously the next 24 hours straight.  UHHHH, gross!!  I don’t think I have laid in a bed that long…ever, or at least not in a long time.  I mean I was out and did not feel like getting up.  Ewww.

Finally I started to come back to life, and now, Saturday, two days after the event I am feeling much better!!  Thank goodness.  Though I am still not quite back to my old self, at least I am not confined to my bedroom anymore:)

Ok, enough about being sick.  This morning I had two more important meetings.  One with the director on the account, a.k.a. the big guy for hiring me, and another with an old Beta brother of my Dad’s.  Truthfully, both were quite fun, funny, and enjoyable.  I genuinely enjoyed talking to both gentlemen and it made for quite the pleasant morning.  Breaking it down a bit more, the interview with the Director went really well, I do believe.  He shared a lot about the position, the people on the team, the account, the company, and other random funny stories.  He gave me good things to think about, and I know if I am to take the job I would highly like working for him.  He just puts off a great vibe.  The Beta brother was equally entertaining with his stories about my Dad in college, his job that had him roaming all about the country, and other interesting little tales he shared.  All in all, a morning of good conversations and movement in a positive direction for securing a job.

There is plenty more to share…but I am actually kind of tired.  Since being sick, my eyes have felt pretty dry.  I think I still might be a tough dehydrated.  So it might be another early night for me, with hopes of fully kicking this illness good-bye.  Plus, I haven’t got to run or exercise really all week, so I think tomorrow would be the perfect day to wake up feeling ready to go!!  Or, if I don’t go right to sleep…I might just go back down stairs and continue the House marathon I began like 4 hours ago, haha.  So addictingly good 🙂


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