Into the Blue

I received a package a few days back from my friend David who hiked with me in Switzerland.  I’m pretty sure I blogged about it after it happened, because it was quite the ironic situation.  Both of us were heading out to hike, with no set destination and no hiking partner.  We started chatting on the train ride over to Grindelwald and by the time we had arrived we had agreed to spend the next few hours hiking and photographing the Alps together.  Well, David had a very nice camera, and needless to say he was quite the photography man while on our trekking about the mountains.  When we parted he promised , if I remembered to get a hold of him once I got back to the States, he would send me a copy of the pictures.  I eventually was able to track him down and request my copies, and that is how the package of two cds arrived at my house.

That said, one of the pictures in particular really caught my eye, and I thought I would share it with you. Into the Blue

I think the reasons for why this picture appealed to me might be rather obvious, but for the sake of writing I will tell you anyway.  First…it is just beautiful.  The scenery, the landscape, the colors, the green and flowers in the foreground, the mountains in the distance, and me walking in amongst it all.  Second, I do love how I am just walking off into the unknown.  You can’t see exactly what lays before me, but I look sure and confident as I move forward…I like that.  Especially relating this picture to my situation now.  I don’t really know where God is leading me, and yet I must step out and move forward.  There might be mountains and challenges to climb in the future, but the view can be breathtaking along the way…and finally, this picture does just remind me of how fabulous my whole Europe trip was.  This picture seems to embody the bliss, freedom, and exploration I experienced on my trip.  Such a wonderful memory!!

Here are some other pictures from that specific hiking day…including my hiking buddy David himself 🙂

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