Did the munchkins really talk like that?

Sometimes I think of really great things to blog about…but it is usually at a time I am feeling too lazy to bust out my computer and write it down or whatever.  Then, usually as it turns out, by the time I am in the mood to blog, the really cool thing I had planned to write about has disappeared out of my head.  So here’s to a random post about off-topic things until I remember what it was I was really hoping to blog about, haha.

So last night at dinner I started humming the tune the guards sing on the Wizard of Oz…you know “Oh We Um, Eoh Um…Oh We Um, Eoh Um” I don’t know how random things like that pop into my head, but after it did I couldn’t stop thinking about how long it had been since I’d seen that movie.  So right now as I write, I have that lovely old movie playing in my VCR (yep you read that right we still own and occasionally use our VCR).  And while there is definitely a lot to say positively for some of the new movies and technology Hollywood uses, there is nothing like a classic.  As I’m watching, the little munchkins have made their appearance, and now I am wondering did all the munchkins really have squeaky/funny voices in their every-day life like they do in the movie, or were they enhanced with sound effects?  Maybe I will Google that…

After dinner my dad made a fire in our fire-pit outside and Mom, Dad, and I spent some time warming ourselves by the flames, chatting about various things, and enjoying the crisp fall night.  I do love the fall, though I hate how, now that Daylight Savings Time has occurred, the sun goes down far before I think it should 🙂  Even before the early darkness, I had been feeling more tired than usual and falling to sleep before my usual bedtime…and I can only image it getting worse now that sunset comes around 5:30-6.  Awful.  But the weather makes up for the lengthened darkness a bit.  I love the cool sunny days of an Oklahoma Autumn, and we have been having plenty of them these past weeks.  It is perfect jeans and t-shirt/jacket weather, and simply being outside makes me a bit happier.

Well, it looks like this week could be a big week as far as job futures go, because I am expecting the company I have been interviewing with to check references and possibly, if everything goes positively, offer me a position by the end of this week.  WOW!  It will be quite a big deal to land this job, and will put me in a good position as the Holidays come around.  Still, I can’t lie this change will be a bit bitter sweet.  I am so excited to have projects, co-workers, and things specifically for me to do for others throughout the day.  But I can’t pretend the flexibility I enjoy now will not be missed.  Now I can spend time with my family in the evening, go to the gym basically whenever I want, do various task around my house, watch the Wizard of Oz while I blog :), etc. and all to a schedule I determine.  While it will be nice to have some definite structure to my days, provided by a job, it will be an adjustment to go from a work-as-I-like job to an 8-5 type position.  But above all I am thrilled to start making a paycheck, and to be embarking on a new adventure…though one quite different from my last.  Seeking out and applying for jobs has been a rather long, frustrating task.  The thought that the end to my searching for a while is in sight is comforting.  However, they have not officially offered me anything and as with all big decisions there will be things to consider, so I plan to keep praying about it…and I would appreciate your prayers as well.  More than anything I want to keep growing in my relationship with my Father and learning to hear and listen to his calling for me in my life.  I’m hoping through this experience I can do just that and come out on the other side, whatever the outcome, better for it and more in-tune with how God is incorporating me into his plan and this world.

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for now.  In conclusion I am posting this link to one of my favorite songs for this fall.  Enjoy 🙂


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