Learning…What Love Really Means…

So many wonderful, funny, exciting things have been happening lately.  I feel like the best way to get them all down would be in good old-fashioned list format.  So please join me as I count off the little miracles and nuances of life lately.

1. I have the COOLEST boss.  And no I am not saying this in hopes of getting a raise (besides that has to go through a few more people than just her, but anyway).  Now before you go saying your boss is just as cool, let me ask you…did your boss invite you to her Dodgeball Birthday Party?  Yep…that’s right.  My boss is in her early thirties and for her birthday she held a Dodgeball tournament with some of her closest friends and work pals.  Thus, last Friday night you would have found me with some of my new favorite people chucking balls across an old YMCA gym.  This is a prime example of how F-U-N the people I work with are.  After snumerous lovely rounds of dodgeball we all headed to a local pizza place where we chatted and chowed down on some quite delicious pizza and beer if I do say so myself.

2. I am loving the new friends, and rekindling of old friends, that is going on in my life right now.  Seriously, God has blessed me so big with some of the girls I work with and one girl inparticular outside of work named Beth.  She is a HUGE delight to be around, and I actually joined her, her fiance, and her family for a lovely Sunday morning church and then games and lunch this last Sunday.  I would be quite content if I was able to spend every Sunday in such fabulous company.

3. Beth and I already have plans in progress for a Dance Party (you know the kind you play on a Wii or an X-Box) for this weekend.  It is going to be awesome.  I am heavily considering buying glow-sticks 🙂

4. Another new friend, from work, Katie…is probably one of the sweetest people I have met in my life.  I love listening to her talk about her daughter (who is about two) because she is just such a cute Mom 🙂  Plus, we have plans for some major musical movie watching in the future.  I am thrilled to have someone who likes movies as much as me.  Plus, her husband loves to smoke meat, and let me just say it doesn’t get much better than friends, smoked meat and a movie :)haha

4. Time for two slightly embarassing, strang, funny stories:

a. I have recently purchased a large water jug (like a 1 gallon kind) to keep at work.  My thought was, this way I can walk down to the cafeteria (which is where we have filtered water) only once every couple days and then have good clean water for a while at my desk.  The only problem with this genius plan is that the jug does not fit under the spout of the filtered water dispenser…which means I have to fill up a cup, pour it in the jug, fill up the cup, pour it in the jug, repeat, repeat…so obviously it is a bit time consuming and if anyone else is wanting water…a bit awkward.  So I figured I just needed to go get water at times no one else would be getting water…aka not at lunch time.  Therefore the other day, there I was mid afternoon filling up my jug.  I had probably filled and dumped about 5 cups so far, just taking my sweet time when a noticed a lady approach out of the corner of my eye.  So I turn around to tell her she can go ahead, and there…directly behind me was this guy…just standing there…waiting.  I had no idea when he had arrived, but from his stance it seemed he must have been waiting/watching me fill up my giant jug for a while.  I was quite embarrassed, and later when I asked some ladies who had been siting at a near-by table how long the man had been standing behind me…they laughed and said like almost the entire time.  Weird.  I mean the guy was like a ninja…I didn’t hear him at all…and then he just stood there…patiently waiting…as the I, the strange girl, was off in her own little world as she dumped and poured her water into her jug…oh the funny things that happen at the water filter station 🙂

b. The other day I was at the gym working out in a gym class…and as I was jumping rope I kept thinking..man I think I stink.  Ok, now let me clarify first…no one smells great when they workout…but everyone kind of has there own personal smell and it usually not that horrible (for most people who have decent hygiene anyway, but that’s a different story).  Anyway, I usually don’t smell like this…I mean this was BAD.  I kept thinking oh my gosh, the people next to me are probably like “that girl reeks.”  I mean, I was thinking “I AM that person at the gym that everyone secretly avoids because they smell bad.”  And this was really bothering me.  One because it did smell bad and I hate smelling bad, and two because I was embarrassed thinking maybe other people could smell me.  SO there I am, smelling bad, and thinking this is so NOT how I usually smell, what is up with me…Then it hit me…the shirt I was wearing was one I had worn in a mud run.  Ok ok I’m sure some of you are like “Why in the heck do you still have a shirt you wore in a mud run” and the answer is, well there isn’t a great answer but I had liked how the shirt fit, and I thought I had gotten it clean.  But apparently I was SOOOO wrong.  I could barely finish the class before I ran to the locker room and took of the shirt…within minutes it felt like I had taken a shower.  The smell was gone.  I had NO IDEA that shirt could have smelled SO BAD.  ICK.  I threw it in the trash can, though a strange part of me was like…oh I bet you could wash it and it would go away…but I stayed strong.  (T-shirts are especial hard for me to part with for some reason…don’t ask) But now the smelly, nasty, old mud-run shirt was in the garbage and I changed into the extra shirt I had by luck brought with me and left the locker room feeling like a field of flowers.  Moral of the story…don’t save clothes you Mud-Run in…not a good idea 🙂 hahaha.  I know, I’m silly.

There are more numbers to add to this list…but I’m tired of writing for now, so check back soon for the “continued” version of this post 🙂  Which, haha, I just realize will explain why I named this post what I did.  I hadn’t gotten to that point yet…but I will cover it, now worries.  Night.


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