Approachable: to be neither intimidatingly beautiful, nor so very unattractive

There has been plenty happening recently that I have intended to keep record of in my posts, but I have yet to discover how some people have time in their day-to-day life (which includes an 8-5 job, necessary life tasks like eating and sleeping, cleaning, art projects, keeping up on relationships, working out, reading the Bible, etc.) to stay consistent in their blog posts.  If there is an unknown secret, fellow bloggers, please share.

And, I do actually keep a private journal as well, because I don’t always wish to broadcast all I am thinking to everyone else (or even the very few people who read my posts)(I know strange right…I mean why wouldn’t I want to put everything on-line, haha, some sarcasm might be included right there :)).  Thus not only do I have a public blog to keep up to date, but private writings as well.  And sadly, both as of late have taken a bit of a back-seat to everything else going on.  But, being one who functions best when I can get a few of the hundreds-of-thoughts-floating-around-in-my-head down on paper…I have felt the repercussions of not taking the time to write.  Still, all these things mounting up was not enough to provoke me to write, until I realized this thought which was brought on by a girl I met at the gym, and lead to the title of this blog.

The story goes:

I’m in the locker room at the gym putting on my new Vibram Bikila shoes, (more on these later, because they are awesome and deserve recognition) when a girl stops and asks me “do those really work.”  I was a bit confused by her phrasing, so I asked “how do you mean.”  She said, “like can you actually run in them and stuff?  Are they comfortable?”  I proceeded to tell her how they did work and were totally fantastic and comfortable and all around great…we talked for a bit and then as we are concluding our conversation she said something that pretty much made my day, and I had no idea I had ever even wanted to hear this…but she said “yeah I saw you wearing them a few days ago and I thought I would ask you about them, because you seemed like such an approachable person.” Wow…I don’t know why but this just made me smile. 

Maybe to some people it’s not that big of a deal, but let me just explain a bit about all the things this comment made me think about and then maybe you will understand the implications of such a statement.

As a girl, and I’m sure other girls can relate, I wish to be thought of as beautiful.  Yet at the same time I get so very intimidated by those other ladies who I do view as beautiful.  I mean, those really amazing looking girls that you see and you kind of want to go to another room because you know you don’t stand a chance catching anyones attention next to her 🙂  Haha…but I’ve started to think maybe some of these outstanding people actually have a hard time meeting other people because everyone is so intimidated by their beauty.  Therefore, I have decided being just averagely nice looking might really be where it’s at…at least when it comes to making friends 🙂

I mean seriously, if you look friendly…being neither so far to one side or the other of the stunningly-attractive vs. not-so-attractive spectrum…you end up with random people feeling comfortable enough to talk to you.  And that really is a beautiful thing 🙂

Anyway, the point to these ramblings is just to say…there are times I don’t feel very confident, or amazing, or beautiful…but God has really been blessing me lately with the ability to meet  people and make new friends, and for this I am soo thankful.  I am beginning to see in my life the fruit of praying for something…and seeing God come through in a way I would have never expected.

I was asked the other day by a new friend if I had always been this outgoing and talkative towards people.  The funny thing is…I wouldn’t have really said I was that “outgoing” of a person until I stopped to think about it.  And while I can’t really pin-point a time when I suddenly became as comfortable/excited about meeting new people as I am today…I do know that God has been sculpting me to be this way via numerous events in my life including: moving when I was a kid,  going to college in a state different from my friends and family,spending times at summer camp, my various job opportunities, traveling to Europe, and now a new job in a new city all on my own.  I remember being faced with these various instances where I realized…if I didn’t put myself out there and try to get to know people…I wouldn’t have friends.  And I truly believe from the effort I put forth and the prayers I prayed about meeting new people and establishing good relationships, God has measured back to me an uncanny ability now to connect with people and encourage them to feel at ease and able to talk to me.  I do not take it for granted, but have come to realize how truly amazing it is to have God’s love and joy flowing so directly in my life that other people are drawn to it. Because I know on my own I do not have the charisma and magnetism it takes to meet people like I have lately…and I contribute it completely to the fact Jesus is in my heart and is blessing me.  As I said before I am thankful and overjoyed by this fact and by the wonderful people it has brought into my life.

Therefore…here’s to being “approachable” because if I had to pick between being really beautiful and being the type of person someone could come up to and ask a question or talk to easily…I would definitely pick the latter 🙂


One thought on “Approachable: to be neither intimidatingly beautiful, nor so very unattractive

  1. What a sweet post! You remind me a lot of my 15 year old daughter…I wish you were here to mentor her…I want her to read this. It was great to be with your mom in Cali. Take care. Kiann Lappin

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