Led Me To A Fresh Start

Why hello!  This is actually my second attempt at a blog/webpage.  I broke into the blogging world using Tumblr, which I found to be quite a user-friendly blogging application, but not as professional and detailed as I was hoping for.  Consequently I find myself exploring the world of wordpress…which in my blogging virginity I find to be a bit more complicated…but I enjoy a good challenge and learning is one of my favorite things to do.

On that note, I would love to let you know a little bit more about who I am, and what led me to create this blog.  I am a graduate from the University of Nebraska’s College of Architecture with a Bachelor of Science in Design.  I absolutely love designing, being creative, and expressing myself artistically.  Additionally, I enjoy exploring and being physically active, especially outside.  I find asymmetry intriguing and variety in people captivating.  Therefore, at the conclusion of my undergraduate education I decided to take some time, make a little money, and put that money towards a journey of self and world discovery.  To see God’s beautifully crafted landscapes, meet interesting people from other cultures, and view art of all forms and fashions (from paintings to buildings) are just some of the goals I hope to accomplish during my backpacking through Europe.  Above all, I hope to use this time in foreign lands and situations to discover more about myself and my glorious creator and how he intends me to fit into this world he designed.  Feel free to take this trek along with me…and I encourage your interaction and feedback to all the adventures, thoughts, pictures, etc. that I post. Happy Traveling!!


2 thoughts on “Led Me To A Fresh Start

  1. WOW! I totally didn’t know that you went to all the places that you did! I am so jealous. I was just browsing around and decided to click on the link at the bottom of your facebook page, and found myself deep in thought about the words you wrote about your adventure. A truely appealing trip. Glad you made it back. But now you have to tell me where I can go to get an awesome trip like that!

  2. Rachel! Wow, your blog is so full of energy!!! Please tell me, where did you get that fresh start quote, “Like a good book you just can’t put down, should be your life…you turn the page, continue to the next chapter, start a new journey, begin a new day…because you wonder what will happen next.” I want to use it for my book. I’m praying for you this morning, have a most triumphant day!

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